At 50, Alejandro Fernández Raises the Temperature on Instagram Showing Off His Muscles

Alejandro Fernandez.

The singer has adopted an important change in his diet and his training routine, so he wanted to show the result of so much effort

Long ago, Alejandro Fernández decided to take a radical turn in his image to embrace a more modern aesthetic, starting by renouncing dyes to go on to proudly wear gray hair that greatly favors him. This gradual process has been accompanied by an important change in his diet and his training routine, whose trigger was the recording of his latest album, Made in Mexico, and now the singer has wanted to show through Instagram the result of so much effort to commemorate your entry into your fifties.

Alejandro has posed without a shirt to show off both his muscles and the tattoos that he has spread across his chest and arms and, of course, it is obvious that he is not exaggerating when he affirms that he has never been in such good shape before.

“One of the keys to life, I think, is to feel good about yourself,” said the singer with that impressive image. “Whether with your job, with your diet, or with a hobby, you should always listen to yourself and try to do it. I thank God and life for allowing me to continue growing and for giving me the health and strength necessary to enjoy what remains on the way. Today, in my 50s, I feel better than ever! “

Last weekend Alejandro had the opportunity to surround himself with his loved ones, including his five children, to celebrate both his birthday and his recovery after having tested positive for the coronavirus and being forced to miss the Latin American Music Gala Awards.


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