At a star party. Anita Lutsenko surprised in an unexpected way

Anita Lutsenko (Photo:

Ukrainian athlete and fitness trainer Anita Lutsenko shared bright pictures.

The well-known blogger posted on her Instagram page a series of pictures in which she appeared in the image of Britney Spears from the 90s.

36-year-old Lutsenko attended a party organized by Evgeniy Tunik, director of the series First Swallows. Anita was accompanied by actress Daria Tregubova, producers Alexey Goncharenko and Alexey Gladushevsky.

The star trainer, who wears a short bob, posed with long hair. Lutsenko also picked up an outfit that resembled the image of Spears in the Baby One More Time video.

“ I love Tunic parties. Well, what is really there and himself (the creator of the Swallows and the head of Zvazheni ta happy). The style of Britney Spears and Justin Timbeleik, ”the star signed.


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