At concerts, everything is thrown onto the stage: the reactions of the stars. video

Last happened chronologically Lil Nas X During’European lollapalooza The Stockholm Festival even took the stage for him… sex toys. Just the latest in a series strange happenings what happens to singers during concerts, victims of strange objects thrown by the public.

Concerts gone crazy: what’s going on?

“Who threw that thing on the stage?”– joked the singer and rapper. Fortunately, unlike other cases where the artists had it worse, in this case no one was hurt. Lots of laughter and an episode in the archive. However, it didn’t work out very well. Baby Rexwho paid the price in his own skin for strange behavior on the part of the audience.

In June, the singer became a victim phone launch on stage during a show in New York. A mobile phone thrown by one of the spectators hit him in the face. A strange way to show closeness to a favorite singer… Bebe Rexha fell to her knees and was taken to the hospital. He left with bruising under the eye, several stitches AND so scared. The next day, at the next show, she appeared in large opaque sunglasses and shouted from the stage: “I hope no one will think of throwing anything tonight!”.

“Fad” that must end…

And then Pink’s ridiculous incident that happened at the festival british summer time In London. A story that is incredible: a fan of the singer Let’s start the party he threw a small bag of his dead mother’s ashes onto the stage. If we are used to seeing bras and soft toys flying towards singers during a performance, then burial remains are an absolute novelty. Let’s hope this never happens again… – Is that your mother?Pink asked, picking up her bag from the ground. “I don’t know how I feel about this,” he continued before resuming the concert between general amazement. And how can you blame her…


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