At least 12 thousand mexicans will need intensive care for coronavirus: director of IMSS


During a tour of supervision of hospital infrastructure in Villa Coapa, in the office of the mayor of Coyoacan, Zoé Robledo, director-general of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), estimated Friday that the health unit will serve around 306 thousand cases of infection of coronavirus (COVID-19) during the time of the health emergency.

“Social Security will be according to 48 per cent of the population of the whole country. This is 61 million 327 thousand people. Of them the calculation that has been done by epidemiologists, with an attack rate of 0.5 gives us that are going to be at some point ill near 306 thousand patients,” he explained.

He noted, however, that severe cases will be close to 42 thousand in the whole stage; of them, 30 thousand will require hospitalization and, of these, 12 thousand will have the need to be in an intensive care unit, that is to say, with a mechanical ventilator.

“That doesn’t mean that all of them are going to be hospitalized. The vast majority, as you yourself pointed out, president, are going to be taking your condition on the days in which have this disease from their homes, are going to be outpatient,” he said.

Against this background, reported that the IMSS has designed a comprehensive plan of action in the account with 25 medical units of high specialty, and 236 secondary level hospitals.

He also detailed that at the moment, the clinics of mom, the centres of rehabilitation and a thousand 521 units of family medicine do not enter into this project.

He said that with the IMSS-Insabi, the government will have at its disposal 80 hospitals, like the one that recently opened in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca; in addition to three thousand 622 rural medical units with a workforce of 430 thousand people.

“A bit like you saw in Tlaxiaco, although here they are not considered to IMSS well-being, are 81 hospitals for COVID that give us 379 beds; today it lists for patients who will need mechanical ventilation and three thousand 600 beds ready for hospitalization nothing more for patients with less severe”.

According to Robledo, the goal is that during the second phase of conversion of hospitals are worked 120 unitswith the increase in two-thousand-420 real estate of intensive care and up to eight thousand 59 hospital beds. This will entail an increase in the workforce of up to five thousand 458 medical and 10 thousand 237 nurses.

For phase three is expected to have six hospitals of traceability to the 100% COVID-19as the General Hospital of Zone 32 of Villa Coapa, so that it will be inviting up to 361 spaces of intensive care.

According to the director of the IMSS, the institute is in an advanced state of restructuring hospitals in Tapachula, Chiapas; the hospital of Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit; and the hospital of Atlacomulco, in the State of Mexico.

However, he confessed that in the hospitals of Tizayuca, in Hidalgo, and the Santa Cecilia Monterrey, Nuevo León, we must redouble our efforts to have the staff and equipment sufficient for its operation.

In the event, announced that to address the pandemic services will be deferred and some can be postponedbut that would be kept in hemodialysis, chemotherapy, blood bank, emergency, hospitalization and intensive care.

The health authorities of Mexico reported Friday that there are already 1,688 cases confimados of coronavirus in the country and accounted for 60 deaths because of the suffering.

In just 24 hours, cases of patients infected by COVID-19 increased by 178 and there have been 10 deaths among the report this Thursday and the of today.

Among people who contracted the new coronavirus, 58% are men and 42% are women. Among them all, the 79% of the patients are outpatient, and 21% have required hospitalization.

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