At least one good news at Racing de Gago

The defeat of Racing, already in the second game of Fernando Gago, duel. It exacerbates a complex situation. A moment like a long time ago did not happen in the Academy. A streak of direct descent and from which it was decided to react quite late. For now, beyond the good intentions that Pintita shows with her idea, in just eight practices, the semester (and the year) was thrown overboard. And without a doubt that a new fall (unfair, it is true, but defeat in the end) will put everything else aside.

Because there are several who notice that idea of ​​Fernando Gago in his two games, but it is also necessary to add three. That is why the blow is hard and the bad news gushes out like water a couple of meters from the river. But there, in the midst of the instability and a road full of debris, there are some clearings. They are important for the team and, more than anything, for Pintita.

In this case, The good news despite the loss to Defense and Justice is the return of Nery Domínguez. And not the fact that he is already on par with the rest, something that could be seen in the week and allowed him to go to the substitute bench. The important thing in this matter is the level that Domínguez showed when he entered. A good game from the midfielder, in the midst of many weak levels, which made it clear that he has to be a starter.

Nery Domínguez entered Racing de Gago as five

During all the practices of the week, in those trials with many mixed players and without defining the team, Fernando Gago had always tried with Nery Domínguez as the central marker. He used it in that area of ​​the court. However, all changes before Defense and Justice. In a strange change, at least from the names and the system, the DT of the Academy removed Aníbal Moreno and sent Nery to the field. And so he went from his traditional 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1.

Racing Gago
Nery Domínguez and a category pass.

It is true that it was not possible to see well what the coach wanted because immediately, due to two individual neglects, the rival’s goals arrived. But what was seen was that Nery started as a central midfielder alongside Mauricio Martínez. Already with the 0-2, he went behind to form a kind of liar line of three, although it lasted very little and after a new change, Gago passed him to the middle.

Nery’s game, which had been inactive for three weeks, was more than correct. He stole the ball well, handled with discretion and showed all his hierarchy in his passes in the center of the court. Making it clear that if he plays in the middle, with his filtered passes, he can hurt. It was he who left Copetti alone on the play that ended in penalty, with an exquisite pass. Copetti also served the tie in the head with a great center and always deepened. A player of another category, that Racing needs and that, luckily, is already full.

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