At least six children died in less than two weeks | In the area where the health emergency is declared

“There is a lack of total humanization in specific cases.” This is one of the conclusions reached by the Salta Minister of Health, Juan José Esteban, when referring to people who are within the Health system and who, according to the reports of some patients, they have acted with inexperience in the care of full-term pregnancies or pediatric patients who ended up dying.

In the first 13 days of this month of December there were at At least six medical situations of term pregnancies, newborns and babies up to 5 years old that ended up deceased in the departments of Rivadavia, Orán and San Martín, just the three that are included in the health emergency promulgated by the province as a result of the death of children from original communities due to avoidable causes.

However, in the six cases counted, a “cultural problem” or “lack of alertness” can hardly be alluded to, as used to be held previously to justify the lack of access to health. And is that in most cases there was health care and at least four of the deaths were in hospitals.

The first of the deaths that was known yesterday, took place in a situation of obstetric malpractice that occurred between December 1 and 2, according to the information provided by the Salta Public Prosecutor’s Office. In this case, a woman who had gone to Hospital San Vicente de Paul, in Pray, to be treated with a full-term pregnancy, she reported to the criminal prosecutor Claudia Carreras that her son was born lifeless due to alleged malpractice.

On December 2, in La Puntana, parajes} of the municipality of Santa Victoria Este, in Rivadavia, a Wichí woman who was carrying a full-term pregnancy went to the zonal Hospital to report that she had not felt her baby’s movement for 7 days. The child was stillborn and, according to the death certificate, the cause of the fetal death was “untreated diabetes” or “gestational”, as explained at the time.

The third case took place on December 4 last, it was a two-year-old boy who had presented various symptoms and before this his parents had taken him days before to be treated at the Salvador Mazza Hospital, town of the San Martín department).

On Sunday the 5th a 10-month-old baby from the Wichí community of Kilometer 5, in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Tartagal, head of the department San Martín, died at home after a bronchial aspiration that occurred while drinking milk. The girl was officially reported to have an underlying disease and had at least one admission to nutritional recoveryl.

On Sunday, December 12, a woman went with contractions to the Oranense Hospital at midnight and despite requests to be operated on immediately given that she had a recent health problem and had been prescribed a cesarean section, She was just referred to the delivery room at 4.15am and the delivery was due to a normal delivery. His baby passed away at 19 on that Sunday.

The last case that is known to the public was the death of the little sister of another child who died on December 4. The girl had presented the same symptoms and, like her brother, was treated in advance in the Health system. Upon arriving at the Hospital, according to his father, there were no urgent responses to his pain. She died on Monday, December 13, while being transferred from Salvador Mazza to Tartagal.

For the cases of Orán and Salvador Mazza there are already tax investigations. It is unknown if there were similar actions in the deaths involving members of the native community.

“The malnutrition ammeter did not move”

“We are doing the relevant research in Salvador Mazza, although it emerged that the youngest child had another health problem. But beyond that we understand that there were errors in the care”Said Minister Esteban when responding to Salta / 12 for these situations.

I affirm that in Oran “obstetric violence is proven”, for which the pertinent resolutions are being taken.

He said that in all cases there is a medical team that is available to carry out the necessary investigations and decide the measures to take.

Although Salta / 12 requested the statistics in order to make a comparison of the number of deaths, there were no responses from any of the Health effectors. “Any death hurts and we are responsible for that situation,” replied the minister.

He declared that the management challenge “is to change the history of the North, where many foundations and other organizations worked and the ammeter of malnutrition or the rate of young pregnancies never moved. You have to have a lot of permanence on the ground ”, he concluded.

I work from the Advisory

The Advisor for Minors N ° 2 of Tartagal, Maria Fernanda Chocobar, for his part, explained that the provincial Public Ministry carries out “very specific” actions when there are health problems in indigenous communities with community agents or workers within the Unir Program.

Among the alternatives that were deployed is the “Hospitalized” program, through which a bilingual facilitator intervenes, who is the one who explains to the father and mother of original children the need to attend a health care center when their sons or daughters experience a health problem.

Given the difficulty that it implies for indigenous mothers to go to the hospital for a sick child and leave their other children, Chocobar said that they are looking for people who within the same community can take charge of that city while she is hospitalized. .

What is specified in the amparo presented by the Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents (NNyA), in which the need for access to health by the communities of the northern province is sustained. Other organizations, such as the Obstetric Violence Observatory (OVO), have already said that there is a lack of policies not only to act against mistreatment of parturients, but also to contain women who lost their sons and daughters whose gestation came to term and were born lifeless, or who died shortly after having born.

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