at the age of 16 he thought of suicide



“I think that I started dealing with depression around the age of 16 years. I started to flirt with the idea that… everything would be so much easier if I were not in this world. I thought that life would be easier, that all of the problems and the tribulations they would go forever. And so you don’t have to succeed or fail, do you know? All that anxiety would disappear,” he revealed to the portal E! News about the excess of pressure to which she is subjected in order to meet its objectives.

Gina Rodriguez married a month ago with actor Joe LoCicero. Photo Pop Sugar

“During the recording of this season [la última de ‘Jane the Virgin’] I was forced to stop filming for the first time in my life. That fear to say, ‘I can not’ dissipated, and he had really come to a point in which I saw myself overwhelmed. I had to convince myself that I could deal with it later, for now it would focus on it. I needed to silence that little dragon that was in the head,” he explained.

Gina Rodriguez became known for his role on the popular series “Jane Virgin,” which is in its last season. Photo By Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)