At the Berlin film Festival, and Salma Hayek celebrates the performance of spain in the film: “Poetry | Famous


In mexico, Veracruz Salma Hayek he drew the derision of his friend, compadre and mate set Javier BardemSpanish, born in the Canary Islands, and at the same time very funny in which both have had, with the 70 and the Berlin film Festival, this Wednesday 26/2.

The work took place in the middle of the international promotion of the song the System Not Taken,” perhaps the saddest (and so beautiful) between the 15 and the competitors of the Golden Bear at the that have already gone through the event.

Missing the other three, however, that none of the applicants seems to be able to mobilize an all-star team is as big as the Lily, Bardem, Elle Fanning (cotadíssima the award for best actress Laura Linney.

“I love Javier, his wife (the actress (Penelope Cruz), who is my best friend, but it was very funny to see him shout ‘Viva Mexico, cabrones!” in the recordings that we have done. Trying to say, ‘the mexican’, just like people, with that accent of the Spanish…”, joked the actress, 53 years of age, who, as is usual in this type of collective of this kind, stole the show himself.

“There is the challenge of working in the Spanish language, to go in search of the poetry of the words to the facts. To speak of the language, whether that is poetry,” he said to the Gshow. He speaks with an accent that was not easy,” said Bardem.

Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning in a scene from the movie Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning in a scene from the movie

Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning in a scene from the movie “The System Not Taken’ — Photo: Photo Adventure / Dissemination

Ovation on their arrival at the hotel, which serves as the headquarters for the Festival of Berlin, and to leave everything in mexico and lives in villa Dolores, in the feature film, directed by british Sally Potter. His character is a love of the past, of the writer Leo (the role of Bardem), who is losing consciousness, because it is a state of madness. He embodies the daughter of Leo, and he tries to help his father.

“We have the support of a Spanish entity that is studied in these cases, but that, at a given moment, had to give up the investigation and to follow my intuition, to find, to my point of view, for a mental illness, which leads him to forget,” said Bardem, removing a smile to each one separated from his partner of scene.

Full of projects, to start the year, including the participation of The Centuries”, Marvel, Lily took the tone of the memoirs of the film of the Passover, to talk about his own road map on the screen.

“I’ve been to the Berlinale before, in the year 1995, with one of my first films, ‘The Alley of Miracles”, and I have come to speak in Spanish. I am now more than two decades later, and I realize that, but when I started working in a career, could you help me to do this in my country, so that the novels success of beyond. But, no, no… I wanted the other option is that in my life and that makes me,” he said.

“I have just received from the united States, and I’m now in a film international, in which I speak in my native language,” said Lily. “Everything in life is a matter of knowing how to choose”, he added.

At the Berlin film Festival, and will end on the 1st of march, but reveals its winners Saturday, after the decision of the jury headed by british actor Jeremy Irons, with the Portuguese director Kleber Mendonça Filho ” (from “bird caprimulgiforme family” and “Aquarium”), from among the members of the jury.