At the Paris Concert for the Planet: Macron, the hero of Lula and Billie Eilish, made noise

Billie Eilish Makes Headlines, Lula the Rock Star and Emmanuel Macron Make Noise: The concert for the Planet, which took place on Thursday evening under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, took on an unexpected political color. Considering the number (20,000 in total) of the 21-year-old Californian singer’s T-shirts among the young crowd, the singer was truly the star of the night. But the first and most acclaimed attendees weren’t Lenny Kravitz, Jon Batiste, H.E.R. or Billie Eilish’s brother and collaborator Phineas. Brazil’s President Lula stole the show from the performers on the bill, among the scheduled speakers between one song and another to protect the environment. invited to the summit for New global financial agreement to address the challenge of climate changeLula also took the stage at the event ‘Power Our Planet: Live in Paris’ organized on Thursday and Friday in the French capital at the initiative of President Macron. Dressed in a dark suit and blue shirt, he reiterated his goal. ,zero deforestationThe crowd gave a standing ovation to Amazon’s award.

The public was able to attend this concert-event for free by registering in advance for tickets on the NGO Global Citizen’s site and committing to broadcast the Actions for the Planet on social networks. One of the speakers, Mia Motley, Prime Minister of Barbados, had the misfortune to mention that the Paris political summit was organized by “”.Mr. MacronThe name of the French President, who was not present, was shouted for a long time before the audience booed several times.Macron resign,

Another political highlight of the evening was a speech by French environmental activist Camille Etienne, who drew applause when she talked about Les Soulévements de la Terre (SLT), a collective dissolved by the French Council of Ministers on Wednesday on charges of ” Was.”check” And “participation in violence”, a decision challenged by the environmental group before the Council of State. Actress Aissa Maga, who has also made a documentary about global warming victims in the Sahel, asked “A sweeping reform of the World Bank that could free up $1 trillion and we could use that money for climate,

Musically, the first positive note came from Jon Batiste’s set from famed American rap star and surprise guest Common. Billie Eilish then enthralled the crowd on the Champ de Mars, the venue for the event from 2021. The global star performed a short format, three songs in folk context, with his brother Phineas on acoustic guitar and keyboards. Tearful fans in the front row sang her songs, including ‘Happier Than Ever’. wearing trousers, shirt and tie, Billie Eilish also requested “Now a whole system change for the planet,

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