Athletes Kemayoran Transformed Into A Specialized Hospital Corona-Virus, Available 3000-Bed


The spokesman of the government for dealing with covid-19 Akhmad Yurianto said, the government has over 3,000 beds for the care of patients covid-19 athletes in Kemayoran.

“Everything that we prepare to the maximum so that we can prepare at least 3000 bed in the time from the beginning,” said Yuri quoted from on Monday (23/3/2020).

For the next, the government promised to equip a means to support systems of care in a situation, from the emergency room of the hospital dealing with Covid-19.

“And we will Wake up the system with the better. Already all the requirements in terms of Covid-19 are described. One of the Problem of the lack of protective equipment basic (APD),” continued Yuri.

More even the emergency room of the hospital dealing with Covid described-19 goals for the add to the facilities, the isolation room for patients who need care in the hospital (RS).

“Therefore, we will, of course, only for cases positively proved by the investigation of the molecular (PCR),” he said.

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He has been confirmed, will be treated the patients in the course of the patients can not perform the insulation itself at home with a variety of medical considerations.

“The patients that we do not need to enter the HOSPITAL, with the note, it is possible, the isolation at home with a variety of considerations, the medical aspects. Here, then therapy, we provide you with the drug,” added Yuri.

Earlier, the Minister for health Terawan Agus Putranto, said that patients want to be treated, in This the Athlete must first be checked in the hospital.

From the hospital, you should make sure first, whether or not the symptoms of corona-virus.

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