Atlanta United ‘teased’ Lionel Messi and Inter Miami after 5-2 win in MLS

Without Messi, Inter Miami’s opponents became more vulnerable and ultimately suffered a 5-2 defeat to Atlanta United. The result occurred during the continuation of the 32nd round of the Major League Soccer (MLS) regular phase.

Spectators referred to Messi with chants and jeers, Using phrases like “Where’s Messi?” (Where’s Messi?), though some expressed disappointment at missing out on the chance to witness one of Team USA’s best players.

The Florida team, which is fighting for a playoff spot, performed mediocrely, especially in the first half. They conceded three goals in 8 minutes and failed to recover from the decline in the game. Leonardo Campana’s second penalty goal seemed to wake up the Pink fans. But at that moment, the Stripes stepped on the gas and ultimately defeated them.

Atlanta United ‘taunted’ Messi after 5-2 win in MLS

Lionel Andres Messi Cucittini was not one of those who moved to Georgia, instead choosing to stay in Miami to recover from muscle fatigue. This fatigue also prevented him from participating in Argentina’s 3-0 defeat of Bolivia in the 2026 World Cup South American qualifiers in La Paz last Tuesday.

The world champion decided not to travel to Atlanta the day before the fight.To show that he is enjoying another moment, the Argentinian shared a video on his social networks, in which he showed that he received it at home Pizza from Argentinian pizzeria. The move didn’t go unnoticed in Atlanta.

Ultimately, the defeat at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium meant the end of Inter Miami’s twelve-game winning streak, and it was also the first defeat for the “Herons” since the arrival of Argentina’s “No. 10”.

Shortly after the “Stripes” team’s huge victory, the team’s social networks dedicated an article to the memory of Messi and Inter Miami. Under the “X” in Atlanta United’s official profile, You’ll see a picture of a pizza similar to the one Messi had, but instead of tomatoes they put the letter “L”, can refer to Lionel or “failure”, in keeping with failure. In the United States, it is common to use a “W” (win) or an “L” to indicate a team won or lost, respectively.

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