“Atomic Blonde” – the connection between Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, told in an old interview

Charlize Theron shared some interesting details about her collaboration with Keanu Reeves during the filming of Atomic Blonde.

In recent years, the cinematic world has been dominated by some action films that have achieved incredible success with critics and audiences. Among them, John Wick stands out, an action movie that featured a charismatic hero as its protagonist. Keanu Reeves. There is another action movie that, although it did not gain such fame as John Wick, attracted the attention of the public thanks to the presence of Charlize Theron in the title role.

“Atomic Blonde” - the connection between Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, told in an old interview

We are talking about the 2017 film Atomic Blonde, directed by David Leitch. But what does Keanu Reeves have to do with Atomic Blonde? Charlize Theron herself explains this to us.

In an interview provided Buzzfeed during filming”Atomic blondeCharlize Theron shared some interesting details of her communication with Keanu Reeves. It appears the two actors trained together for some time during a break from filming John Wick 2, which coincidentally took place in the same studio as Atomic Blonde.

During the interview, Charlize Theron said: “We trained with each other. Things like, “Come on, Keanu, let’s talk it out.” Something like that. It was very courageous, it was great. When training first started I thought, “This will never work, I look like Big Bird.”

This connection between Charlize Theron AND Keanu Reeves sparked the interest of fans who began hoping for a possible crossover between the two characters in their films. In fact, Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick, stated that Charlize Theron is one of the stars he would like to work with in the future. He praised her skills and talent, calling her “amazing.”

But it didn’t end there. Keanu Reeves She not only shared tips and workouts with Charlize Theron, but also offered her help in some scenes of the movie Atomic Blonde. This added a special touch to the collaboration between the two actors.

The episode in which Keanu Reeves helped Charlize Theron during the filming of Atomic Blonde became a famous anecdote, but has recently come back to public attention thanks to the success of John Wick 4. Reeves’ help came during a break between filming of John Wick: Chapter 2, which coincided with filming of Atomic Blonde, which took place in the same studio.

In an interview with Buzzfeed at the time, Charlize Theron joked: “We were hitting each other nonstop. I said, “Come on, Keanu. Let’s take it off. Such things. It was very macho. It was great, but hard at the same time, I mean. When (the training) started I thought, “This will never work, I look like Big Bird.”

Despite the hopes of fans to see a crossover between the characters of John Wick and Atomic Blonde, at the moment there is no official news about a possible project in this sense. However, the world of John Wick will continue to expand with the release of the spin-off Ballerina, scheduled for June 7, 2024, which will star Ana De Armas.

Brief description of “Atomic Blonde”

In 1989, during a period marked by a historical turning point represented by the imminent destruction of the Berlin Wall and profound changes in the dynamics of alliances between the world’s superpowers, an important figure emerges in the world of intelligence. Lorraine Broughton, a high-ranking spy for the British secret agency MI6, is called upon to carry out an important mission. His goal: to recover a secret list containing valuable information, including the names of undercover Western agents and details of their sensitive operations.

Intriguing and highly skilled, Lorraine Broughton is commissioned to collaborate with the director of MI6’s Berlin office, the charismatic David Percival. This sudden partnership between two people with completely different backgrounds and approaches creates an atmosphere full of uncertainty and tension. Both protagonists are masters in the arts of deception and espionage, but their connection is more ambiguous than ever given the atmosphere of suspicion and uncertain loyalties that pervades the Cold War.

Together, Lorraine and David unleash an impressive arsenal of skills and resources to confront a global threat that threatens the entire world of Western intelligence operations. Their struggle becomes a race against time as they try to protect the secret agents’ identities and preserve secrets that could change the fate of the Cold War.

Thus, in a historical context of great political instability and uncertainty, a tense and gripping spy thriller unfolds. Lorraine Broughton and David Percival, despite their differences, emerge as two flawed heroes in the fight to survive and defend Western ideals at one of the most decisive moments in world history.

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