Attack on Clarín: who threw the Molotovs, who encouraged him?

So far in the mandate of Alberto Fernandez, the Executive and the main leaders of the ruling party went from a more or less normal treatment towards the media, with favoritism towards friends, but little animosity against others, to reinstating a toxic climate towards the latter and towards journalism in general, focused in the supposed “disadvantage” that means for them to have to act in a public arena where there are voices that criticize them, or that give news that disadvantages them.

This return to the “Media war” It was simultaneous to the deterioration of the image of all the main national figures of the Frente de Todos, it is true. But this deterioration is ridiculous to attribute it to the media, given that criticism of the government also circulated in them, at least in the independents of the ruling party, long before, when at least Alberto Fernández still had a good image.

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So we reiterate the obvious: it is the management results that complicated the fate of the official lists in the elections, not a particularly critical attitude of journalism. Did journalism invent the errors and horrors in the vaccination plan, in anti-inflation policy or in foreign policy? Did he invent or even “Loaded the inks” In the more than 116,000 deaths, the 50 points of the rise in prices in the last year and the repeated blunders of our diplomats and external negotiators?

It could even be said, on the contrary, that it has accompanied events instead of anticipating with more emphasis the inevitable results that we would achieve if we continued as we were. He should have, if you will, act much more like “bird of ill omen” than they did.

So, once again, Kirchnerism and the Peronists that accompany it miss the mark: they should not catch it with the messenger, they should try to improve their management, it would be much healthier and more productive for everyone.

But of course, doing the latter is very complicated, and it may be beyond the capabilities of our leaders, instead to say that journalists give pure bad news, and “They want everything to go wrong”, so they paint horrible panoramas to be right, it’s super simple. It costs nothing.

Hooded men threw Molotov cocktails at the Clarín group building. (Photo: video capture).

This is what the entire arch of Frente -todista leaders have been doing and repeating, from Cristina and Alberto down, in recent months: the vice said several times during the recent electoral campaign that Argentines “We deserve better media” than the ones we have; Instead, voters felt that we deserve better rulers, but they must have confirmed to the lady that she is right, and if we had more Page 12 and more C5N perhaps her candidates could continue to win elections, as do those of Daniel Ortega and Nicolás MaduroEven though the country falls apart

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Alberto, it must be said, in this he was even ahead of his boss: since the beginning of this year, he has been beating the patch against journalism that “Destabilizes democracy.” He accompanied Mario Ishii, let us remember, in his delirious call to “Stand up against the media”, to make a rebellion against those horrible characters who tell things they shouldn’t, who say what they shouldn’t.

And that was in March, when the year was just beginning, the second wave was taking thousands of lives and the president began to warn that his mistakes in handling the pandemic and vaccination were not going to come for free. Since then he has been climbing and climbing, indifferent to the demands that he return to his initial approach, more sensible and tolerant on the matter. Instead of doing it after the PASO, he chose the media as his main antagonists, along with the opposition: “Many times the media do not tell the truth, They misrepresent it according to their business needs, ”he said at the end of September.

The president’s silences have also been symptomatic in this regard. They were when he refrained from commenting on the veiled threats that Aníbal Fernández made to Nik and his daughters.

Today Aníbal was the only national official and ruling party leader who early repudiated the Molotovs against Clarín. The president waited until noon. Why? It was just an attempt by the government not to raise the tone of the episode, minimize it as a matter of “security” and not a political issue of the first order? Or also, what would be even more worrying, a way to devalue the repudiation, by leaving it in the hands of a character who is very devalued, and especially in this area, little or not at all credible?

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