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“Attacking your 95-year-old grandmother is unforgivable”

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The family of Meghan Markle (40 years old) seems to be willing to get all the gaps of prominence that the media are willing to grant her. If a few days ago it was known that the duchess’s brother was to be part of the new edition of Big Brother Vip, in Australia, it has now been the father of both who has returned to grant statements regarding prince harry (36) and the Duchess of Sussex.

Thomas markle (77) has been interviewed by the British television network GB News, and he has again poured out his opinion on some behavior of the Dukes of Sussex. Specifically, Meghan’s father has focused his speech on dedicating qualifying acids on the interview that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave Oprah Winfrey (67). The former Hollywood worker has described this apparition that went around the world as “embarrassing”, he has already thrown two darts to the interviewees, as he has called them “liars and hypocrites”.

Meghan Markle's father, in a file photo.

Meghan Markle’s father, in a file photo.


Despite the forcefulness of the statements, Meghan’s father has not stopped there. Well, he wanted to show solidarity with the queen Isabel (95), turning his back on his daughter and her husband: “For God’s sake. Attacking your 95-year-old grandmother is unforgivable. Nobody in the rest of the world deserves what they have been putting out. It is shameful that they are doing this. “In addition, Thomas wanted to compare the situation with the request that his daughter made years ago, something that he clearly ignored:” It is shameful for them to tell me a few years ago that ‘never talk to the press‘but then spend three hours on a show with Oprah, where Harry claims that he is recovering from his mental illness and healing himself. It’s a joke“.
This apparition occurs just weeks after the Duchess’s father will launch a veiled message regarding his grandchildren. And, despite living just 100 meters from Harry and Meghan’s residence, the director of photography does not know Archie (2 and Lilibet. For this reason, he took advantage of another of his television interventions to expose that thanks to the work of justice you will be able to see and hug your grandchildren “in the very near future”. With these words, Thomas implied that he could put the matter in the hands of the courts.

We should not punish -Lili- for the bad behavior of Meghan and Harry. Archie and Lili are little kids. They are not pawns. They are not part of the game. And they are also members of royalty and have the same rights as any other member of royalty, “he said then, to add:” “I will apply to the California courts for the rights to see my grandchildren in the very near future“.

Poor health and controversy after controversy

Meghan and her father when they still had a good relationship.

Meghan and her father when they still had a good relationship.


The duchess’s father has clung to his poor health as an argument to be able to meet his “royal grandchildren” as soon as possible, as he has publicly referred to them. Archie and Lilibet’s grandfather assures being afraid of “being close to death” due to his numerous health problems, as he has told in statements for the program Inside Edition of the CBS TV channel. But nevertheless, he himself has been the one who has put all kinds of obstacles in the way towards a reconciliation with his daughter and her family. Ever since Meghan Markle introduced herself to the world as the future wife of Prince Harry of England, her father was immediately noticed in the media for uncover their relationship with the then actress.

The controversies, scandals, public letters his daughter full of criticism of his behavior have been a constant. He even declared war on his daughter wanting to speak out against her in the legal battle Meghan had with the press, and that in the end he won without trials. This relationship, which grows cold as the days go by, makes a close reunion between father and daughter practically impossible, as Meghan herself revealed in the interview with Oprah, where she said that “found it difficult to reconcile with him”.

[Más información: El padre de Meghan Markle suplica públicamente a su hija que le deje reunirse con sus nietos “reales”]

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