Attentive Mouth! The referee of the final of the Argentine Cup was known

Everything is ready. A few days before the final of the Argentine Cup between Boca and Talleres that in addition to the title will define a qualifier for the next Libertadores, The referee in charge of delivering justice between Xeneize and El Matador was met on Wednesday 8 at 9:10 p.m. in Santiago del Estero. It is neither more nor less than Darío Herrera.

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The 36-year-old referee who He has lived a controversial week after the conflict with Laucha Acosta that ended with a complaint at the police station, was chosen to take charge of the meeting in which Sebastián Battaglia’s team will seek to get into the group stage of the most important tournament on the continent.

Herrera directed Boca 24 times with a balance of 12 wins, nine draws and three defeats for La Ribera’s team, while in the Cordovan team he completed a record of six wins, two equalities and four falls in 12 directed matches.

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This year, Herrera had already been in charge of directing the final of the Argentine Super Cup in which River thrashed Racing 5-0 and ended up taking the title. Who will celebrate in Santiago?



At the end of the match between Racing and Lanús, played on Monday night at the Cilindro, there was a strong crossover on the playing field between referee Darío Herrera and Granate captain Lautaro Acosta. But the question did not stop there … Already in the changing room area, Laucha approached the judge’s dressing room and there was another hard collision. How did the story end? In a scandal, with security separating the soccer player and with the referee denouncing the Lanús player for threats at the 1st Avellaneda Police Station.

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According to Herrera’s testimony in the written complaint that was settled at said police headquarters, Lautaro Acosta told him: “I’m going to screw you up. You’re a superb shit. You’re corrupt, you’re in the shit. If you direct us once more, I’m going to kill you. “

In the complaint, the judge says that after the game they told him that the Lanús captain wanted to talk to him, something he accepted. When Laucha approached he began to insult and threaten him and Security had to intervene to remove the player from the referee’s dressing room area. Herrera also said in his plea that his collaborators had to act, in addition, to prevent the physical aggression of the striker.

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Federico Beligoy, National Director of Refereeing, spoke on TyC Sports about the incident. He said that Herrera contacted him to let him know that he was going to make the corresponding complaint and stated: “We expect an exemplary sanction from the Disciplinary Court. This cannot happen anymore. What Acosta did is inconceivable.”

Acosta had already had a cross with Herrera after the last classic against Banfield. There was already a record and there was a quarrel with the judge. Two months ago, in an informal interview, the striker had been subjected to a question-and-answer ping pong session and when they asked him about the worst referee, he did not hesitate: “Herrera … There is not much fun, heh …”.

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