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The Attorney General’s Office asks Health Minister Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo Martinez to pass Take urgent and effective action to ensure the supply of medicines Indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C disease.

In turn, the Ministry of Public Health asked the Resource Manager of the General Health Social Security System (Adres) to continue the procedure for the direct purchase of the drug epclusa, which is why it also is the subject of requests made by the controlling entity in recent daysthe purpose is to indicate the corrective actions taken.

Under this law, one of the Ministry’s obligations is to procure medicines through a “centralized procurement” system, however, Delays in procedures put citizens’ health at risk People living with this high-cost chronic disease.

The Attorney General’s Office received a report reflecting on the shortage of EPS medicines in 2023, which hinders the provision of timely treatment to people suffering from this scourge.

Cost-optimized medicines management is also the responsibility of ministerial decisions, however, price negotiations and commercial strategies do not excuse non-compliance with ministerial guarantees. basic right to health Colombian.

The entity is currently taking disciplinary action aimed at investigating shortages of this and other medicines in the country.

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