Audiences Raised With “Damn Cell Phones”: Ridley Scott Blames Millennials For The Commercial Failure Of His Latest Film


23 Nov 2021 17:16 GMT

The production of ‘The last duel’ had a budget of 100 million dollars, but barely managed to raise just over 27 million dollars worldwide.

British film director, producer and screenwriter Ridley Scott has blamed ‘millennials’ for the box office failure of his latest film ‘The Last Duel’.

On the November 22 episode of the WTF podcast, Scott highlighted that the problem comes down to “damn cell phones“What audiences were raised with today.

Millennials they never want to be taught anything unless they say it on the cell phone, “the director lamented.” I think we are experiencing it right now with Facebook. I think this is a glitch that has occurred when giving the Kind of wrong trust to this last generation“he added.

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‘The last duel’ premiered last October and has become one of the biggest commercial fiascos of the year, despite having among its cast renowned actors such as Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Ben Affleck. The film had a budget of 100 million dollars and it barely managed to raise just over $ 27 million worldwide.

Scott commented that he has never regretted any of his tapes, and “The Last Duel” is no exception.

“We all thought it was a great script, so we did it. You can’t win all the time“Underlined the 83-year-old filmmaker, who has directed such successful films as ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Alien’.

In addition, Scott considers that the promotion of the film would not have played a negative role in the collection, since “Disney did a fantastic job of promotion” and “bosses loved the movie“even though he was” worried it wasn’t for them. “

On November 24, the long-awaited ‘House of Gucci’ will be released, a film also directed by Scott and starring the singer Lady Gaga.

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