August 10 is Kylie Jenner’s birthday.

Influencer, businesswoman, mom… there’s something she’s not good at Kylie Jenner? Baby from the Kardashian-Jenner house alone careeristbusy with their work, but caring mother from two small ones.

Now is coming birthday Kylie Jenner: a star born under the sign a lion, for sure he will know how to celebrate in a big way. Maybe we’ll see her by her side new guyactor Timothy Chalametor surrounded by his usual entourage of stars and celebrities.

Everything about Kylie Jenner’s upcoming birthday

Kylie Jenner was born August 10, 1997. In these hours, he is about to leave his 25 years behind in order to enter 26. Knowing the little one from the Kardashian-Jenner house, she’s back this year birthday party it will be unprecedented.

Well, yes, our Kylie is real. party queenA: Leos love to be the center of attention, but otherwise they know how to throw the perfect party. We have seen this, for example, on the occasion his children’s birthdays: Stormi and Aire are always entitled to the most exclusive party, a theme party where everything is thought out to the smallest detail and for which Kylie’s mom spares no expense. But to herself, she retains this organized and scrupulous attitude.

Kylie Jenner’s birthday is always something exclusive – we saw her celebrate on one of them. yachts in Italy (on the occasion of 22 years), realize thematic photo shoots (for a contest on his 24th birthday) and even shoot fireworks (at the celebration of the 25th anniversary). Expectations are high again this year: what will surprise us with Kylie?

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Kylie Jenner: model, starlet, entrepreneur, mother…

Kylie Jenner is said to be “born wearing a shirt”. Not only was she famous before she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, she is also the little girl of one of the most powerful and famous families in all of Hollywood. His debut happens on TV 10 yearswhen he appears on the small screen with his entire family on the series that changed fate, or Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Here with my manager Chris Jenner and her famous sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and small Kendall Jennerwe got to know her. Kylie is also taking her first steps in the world fashionposing in various magazines (including with sister Kendall) and walking with brother-in-law Kanye West (former Kim). Soon he will want to devote himself beauty sectorfirst with capsule collections, then with foundation his brand. She also became an entrepreneur, founding Kylie Cosmetics, her makeup line, and then Kylie Skin, her skincare line.

But it’s up Instagram which does its best: kylie profile boasts 400 million subscribers and in 2019 he also became the record holder for photo with the most likes in IS history with 18 million reactions. Kylie is alone today young millionairewho found an empire in her hands: of course, her family helped her take her first steps, but then she rolled up her sleeves and was able to build her fortune on her own.

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Kylie Jenner’s birthday will prepare sensations for us

Just swipe on her IG profile to get an idea of private life from Kylie. The model and entrepreneur spends most of the day with her parents two sonsborn from a relationship with Travis Scott. The elder’s name is Stormy Webster: She was born in February 2018 and just graduated 5 years. We often see her with Kylie’s mom, and despite her young age, she’s already there. individual style very recognizable and with excellent taste.

The baby at home, on the contrary, is called Air Webster and was always born in February, but from 2022. Ha one year And he, too, already “character.” As for love, it seems that Kylie after a few back and forth goodbye to travis scott. After several rumors today, we know that she is dating the actor. Timothy Chalamet. Although the two have yet to attend any events as a couple and have not made any statements regarding the matter, sources close to them have confirmed this and they were seen together (even engaged in a passionate kiss) more than once.

Could Kylie Jenner’s birthday be the right occasion to make it official for the whole world?

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