August 15 is Ben Affleck’s birthday.

A good youthful face, a beautiful physique and that halo of mystery that distinguishes him: Ben Affleck he is certainly one of the most charming mature men in and around Hollywood. In a day birthday From Ben Affleck one can say that time was favorable to him: it, of course, passed, but it seems that it did not deprive him of its charm.

Today at 51 years oldBen has a thriving career and a fulfilling personal life. What to ask for more?

August 15: Ben Affleck’s birthday.

Ben Affleck’s birthday is August 15, or rather he was born on August 15 1972. According to astrology, Ben belongs to the sign a lion. Ben’s horoscope strong and brave: is not afraid to take risks and take responsibility and always knows how to take on a challenge. Despite his generositythat’s a lot too focused on myself. We find these qualities in his determination, constancy and perseverance, which he put into building a thirty-year career.

Actor Academy Award completed last year 50 years and celebrated in style. Finally, his personal life improved, he got back on his feet after an unsuccessful alcohol addictionhe faced one of the most serene moments of his life marriage to Jennifer Lopez and he has all the love and affection he needs at his side. While Ben loves an intimate and private party, we believe this Ben Affleck birthday will not go unnoticed.

Ben Affleck career

Ben is passionate current from a very young age. He goes to the theater with his brother Casey and one of his best friends, Matt Damon! And while you study Bachelor’s Degree in Middle East Policy, but never leaves the stage. Start asserting yourself by doing commercials small television showsthen they will receive their first engagements on the big screen.

Meanwhile, he is also working on one of his most successful projects: always with his faithful friend Matt Damon, he writes script from Will Huntingthe film with Damon is precisely and late Robin Williams which is well received by critics and the public (so much so that Affleck receives a Golden Globe and an Oscar for the screenplay). With the growth of popularity, Ben manages to get more and more important roles. We see it in Armageddon, Shakespeare in Love, Pearl Harbor and many other films.

In the early 2000s, he also becomes superhero: puts himself in his place daredevil, a character dear to him since adolescence. After dealing with crisis periodBen is back in business, but this time under the guise director. Rotate gone baby gone AND Cityand even Argon what is it worth Oscar. Later, he will again play a superhero: in the role Batman to the cinema Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicea role he will also play suicide squad (in post-credits scenes) and in Justice League.

He retires from the stage to pull himself together for the second time and returns to work around 2020. We’ve seen it lately Last duel, Bar of Great Expectations AND Deep water.

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Lights and Shadows by Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck always showed rebellious and wrinkled charm. Not only for his appearance and mysterious appearance, but for everything disputes and difficulties with which he had to face in life. Since childhood, marked difficult relationship with father Timothy, whom his mother divorced when Ben was still a child because of his parents alcohol problems.

Even in his career, everything was not always entirely of roses and flowers: remember, for example, the period early 2000swhen due to some wrong professional choice he got sharp criticism from the press and beyond. Not to mention the conflict relationship with i paparazziwho always tormented him during the same period because of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez (only born at that time). In 2014, he was kicked out of a Las Vegas casino for (apparently) counting cards at a blackjack table (disapproving of the practice), and the press went wild with everyone pointing the finger at the alleged gambling addiction always gambling negation but from Ben.

Troubled way

Having recovered from this critical phase, resurrecting his career and stepping out of the spotlight, he has to deal with yet another setback: divorce from jennifer garnerwho was his wife 12 yearsas well as the mother of his parents children Violet, Serafina and Samuel. During this period, Ben also finds himself in a whirlpoolalcoholisma problem that will drag on over time.

Despite his demons, Ben has achieved a lot over time. charity and married social causes what she particularly cared about (voting for abortion or the minimum wage, for example), but this does not cause such a sensation as the headlines about her difficulties. However, to date, it seems that Ben is happy and content, balanced and, above all, sober: handsome revenge!

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Ben Affleck and J. Lo, The Neverending Story

OUR Bennifer were the most popular couple at the beginning of 2000. But, as we have seen, the time has not yet come, and these two they broke up although they were officially engaged. Both Ben and Jennifer continue their lives, get married, have children.

Recently their paths crossed again and it looks like the two picked up where they left off. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married in 2022, celebration with various ceremonies and many wedding trips. Today the rumors wish they were in progress part withbut we probably see them alone a lot just because of their work commitments, maybe it will be Ben Affleck’s upcoming birthday to give us confirmation?

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