August 24, 2023, press review

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Ahsoka, Time of the Jedi

After appearing on Disney+ AhsokaNew episode Star Wars, even the Italian press has expressed its opinion about the rebellious Jedi played by Rosario Dawson. On Newspaper Matteo Sacchi writes that “the character is great for young fans” and calls the series “watchable” even for older purists with ties to George Lucas’s galaxy far, far away. AND Ariadne Finos For Republic what a gem of turning Star Wars “into a female saga” starting with a more female series “featuring Anakin Skywalker’s strong-willed and nimble former apprentice.”


At the 80th Venice International Film Festival, the Preapartura evening is dedicated to Gina Lollobrigida, the icon of Italian cinema who died last January. We are waiting for the forecast Portrait of Gina From Orson Wellespresented as a world premiere in collaboration with Chinechitta, and restored version Provincial From Mario Soldier.

Cicutto: “I dream of an exhibition full of young people”

President of the Biennale Robert Cicutto talks about the upcoming exhibition in Courier Venetoexplaining the director’s choice Barbera (“a very “strong” choice”) and the problems of the 80th edition. “We need to find a real balance between cinema and platforms.” What is the role of the festival? “Attention to the youth”.

Maiwenn: “I need Depp because of his charisma”

And the film, which will return to the big screen, is being prepared for release in theaters from August 30th. Johnny Depp, King’s Favoritedirector and screenwriter Mavenn Tell Christian students From modern woman why he wanted his work to be the most talked about actor at the moment. “He has a majestic charisma,” he explains, “he was the perfect fit for my idea of ​​Louis XV.” Of the controversy, she says that “being a feminist also means deciding when to allow yourself freedom.”


L’Motion Picture Alliance submits a new contract proposal to the Writers’ Union, which has been on strike since May 1st. Moving forward on minimum wages, artificial intelligence and streamer data transparency. “Our priority is to end the strike,” he said. Carol LombardiniManufacturers Association President.


On daily fact photographer Umberto Pizzo sign the article dedicated to the “real star” Monica Vitti. “Beautiful and understated to the end,” Pizzi recalls what it meant to photographers in the 1960s, when “exploitation of show business personalities was almost an obligation: everyone was looking at Cinecitta’s many stars.”


Accusations of Nazi sympathies leveled against suspense master Hitchcock are at the center of lifeboatsdocument Dapne Bayvir which will arrive at Mostra del Cinema in the “Classics” section and today in the center of the article about il Corriere della Sera. Pro-Nazi Hitchcock films tells the behind the scenes of the film, in which the German is the smartest and bravest of the entire lifeboat, the element that “noisy”


Interviewed Valeria Vignale on DonnaModerna, Varvara Babulova talks about his love for cinema, Italy and his next film, Long-term perspective. A story about the fear of leaving familiar places, because “leaving the nest in which you grew up is not easy.” The actress recalls her years in Bratislava, “250 kilometers from my family,” and the importance of her choice.

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