Aurora Ramazzotti won’t reveal Cesare’s son’s face

Aurora Ramazzotti talk about her first child again, Caesar August. After informing his followers about the progress of his pregnancy It’s included I’m leavingwe are now monitoring the child and his parents in first months at homethanks to numerous photos and videos Instagram. However, this time the influencer is talking about a very serious topic, which concerns confidentiality Andexposure of minors in social networks.

Ramazzotti Caesar
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Instagram story influencer explainsnot without some regret not wanting to show the face of the son: “You have no idea how much I would like to share moments of life with my son with you. Show you how cute, gorgeous, funny and how much joy he brought to everyone’s life. For me, it’s like depriving myself of history of a part of me that develops along with it.“.

We don’t know anythingactually, the physiognomy of the child, with the exception of drawing which was recently published. Ramazzotti explains why:It wasn’t until I picked him up that I realized he was something too perfect and defenseless to expose him to what’s lurking on social media (of which everyone, including me, is a part). Every day I see so many things that scare me and I don’t want to risk it.he says, explaining what he wants, in this way, protect his son.

I don’t know anything about being a parent and I’m learning day by day, but I think giving him the opportunity to choose for himself is the least I can do.”. ‘Cause that’s just the way it is Michelle Hunziker And Eros Ramazzottiinfluencer’s parents, yes they were behave with her. These two decided keep confidentiality on daughter almost to coming of ageletting her choose for yourself, to expose yourself or not. Much more choice hard to save today that I social media they permeate every aspect of our lives.

Currently influential person and companion Godfrey Cerza they just reported that Caesar would the same traits as an influencer in the upper part of the face, and the jaw will resemble the father’s.

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