‘Aurorita’ and four other loggerhead turtles return to sea after being released on Bologna beach

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August 11, 2023

Update at 7:20pm

Technical teams from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Blue Economy and the Amaya agency returned to sea this Friday Five stuffed loggerhead turtles Being recycled at the Segma Marine Environmental Management Center Algecirasonce they are in good health.

So far this year, the five specimens have been released into their natural environment in different parts of the Andalusian coast, the commission reported in a report.

Juan Ramón Pérez Valenzuela, Director General of Forest Policy and Biodiversity, and Oscar Coutido, Regional Representative for Sustainable Development, Environment and Blue Economy of Cadiz ( Óscar Curtido) attended the event Bologna beach turtles returned to their natural environmentthanks to the cooperation of citizens and entities and associations such as SOS Caretta Take care of these species and keep an eye on endangered animals.

Students from the Campiña de Tarifa Rural Public School are also present on the beach, participating in training activities and environmental education programs conducted by the students, and respecting the environment in which they participate is key to protecting the environment biodiversity.

turtle”lush“On June 18, in the framework of a study in which the seashore entity participated, was discovered in the Bay of Algeciras, which warned that the entity had afloat problems and did not respond to stimuli or threats. She has been She was taken to the Marine Environmental Management Center where she excreted the plastic debris a few days later and after nursing it has now been determined that she is ready to return to her natural environment.

pyroxeneThis is the second sea turtle to return to sea on the beach in Bologna. On April 11, he participated in the “SOS Caretta: Fishermen Conserve Biodiversity” project, weighing only 5 kg. The specimen was transported to the port from Sanlúcar de Barrameda by the vessel “Joven Aurorita” with extensive wounds, varying degrees of body damage and breathing noises. During her recovery, she gained three kilograms and is now back.

she got tangled in the seineLocomia“, the third specimen has returned to sea. He entered Cegma de Algeciras on July 4th and is currently in good health.

Same as “Locomía”, i.e. sea turtle”Saray“From the project “SOS Caretta: Fishermen Conserve Biodiversity”. The 65-kilogram vessel “Saray y Claudia” was transported to the port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda after it was caught in a trawling net. His left breast Has a one centimeter deep wound and suffers from conjunctivitis. Once repaired, it too will return to its natural setting on the beach in Bologna this Friday.

Last specimen returned to sea by council technicians in anticipation of swimmers is ‘macario“, entered the Marine Environmental Management Center on April 24. The vessel “Macario” brought him to the port of Sanlúcar with small fishing gear. He was weak, dehydrated and had large ulcers.

The peculiarity of this specimen is that it has different features from the common loggerhead sea turtle, as it has a sharper beak and a different color of the shell shield, reminiscent of a hawksbill turtle. As a result, technicians are considering it as a possible cross between the two species, the committee said.

42 stuffed loggerhead sea turtles

In the final year of 2022, the Marine Environmental Management Center serves 42 stuffed loggerhead sea turtlesthey are under veterinary care and will be returned to their natural environment, all within the framework of a program to protect this endangered species.

In the first six months of 2023, a total of 14 loggerhead sea turtle specimens entered the Algeciras Marine Environmental Management Center. In addition, from 2008 to 2022, a total of 295 live sea turtles entered and stranded on the Andalusian coast.

Science managers warn that more than 80 percent of the samples excreted an exponential increase in the amount of marine debris. Presence of trash in sea turtles is an ‘increasing reality’ A “very significant” increase has been observed in recent years.

The specimens with the longest recovery times, and therefore the longest stay at the center, are those that have suffered some kind of human-source interaction. To this end, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Blue Economy calls on individuals to take responsibility for caring for the natural environment and avoid throwing rubbish into the sea and the coast.

a cigarette butt, a wrapper frozenPlastic cups accidentally left on the beach are added to lost or abandoned fishing gear, directly contributing to the deterioration of marine habitats and posing a threat to sea turtles, seabirds, fish and the seabed, the Andalusian Commission said.

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