Austin Butler’s new beauty review from YSL

Austin Butler - YSL testimonial

Austin Butler – YSL testimonial

There have been rumors about this for a while, but now it’s official: Austin Butler it will be there global ambassadors about the new men’s fragrance myself Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. And this was to be expected, given the names that still appear in the brand’s advertising campaigns: from Lenny Kravitz To Adam Levine passing through Dua Lipa. However, unlike them, Austin Butler is not a musician. Although on the big screen he played one, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvisin the movie of the same name Baz Luhrmann Oscar nominee.

So who better than him could interpret it? combination of masculinity and unconventional creativity what has always been inherent in the perfumery of the House? “I am honored to join the YSL Beauty family,” said Austin Butler. Over the years I have spoken to people who knew Monsieur personally. Saint Laurent. He was a man who defied convention. He was a rebel, and that’s exactly what I like about him. It’s a real privilege for me to embrace his legacy.”

Austin Butler: from rising movie star to beauty standard

And the new fragrance Myslf from YSL will be exactly like this: complex but simple, bold but accessible. As a young actor who today, at 32, already boasts a brilliant career that started with Disney. The most ardent admirers remember him well, while still very young, as guest stars V Hanna Montana near Miley Cyrus and then in the movie Sharpei’s Incredible Adventureseparate from School musicals.

Between teen show who saw him as the main character, some cult like from the 2010s Carrie Diaresfamous prequel Sex in the cityand series fantasy The Chronicles of Shannara.

Then there was the movie. As a rising star in the great American productions, Austin Butler has previously worked with directors such as Quentin Tarantino. (V Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood), and recently Jeff Nichols AND Denis Villeneuverespectively for Cyclists AND Dunes: Part 2which will be out soon.

Author’s campaign

As for YSL’s Myslf fragrance, we’ll see it in a commercial that the House described as a real cinematic show. Behind the camera is one of the most promising directors of her generation, known for her bold, laid-back style: Julia Ducournot, winner of the Palme d’Or for Titane.

Stars and tan: not everyone loves the sun

And the pictures for the press campaign were taken by a photographer from New York. Gray Sorrenti who says: “For me, masculinity means self-confidence, delicacy, kindness and elegance. And Austin seems to embody all of those qualities. Working with him was a fantastic experience. He is open, generous and very sweet.. The photo shoot was a real pleasure.

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Let the countdown begin as there are only a few days left until September, the month in which the full details of the campaign will finally be revealed.


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