Author of famous shot at trial charged with murder

keir johnsonThe 38-year-old shot to fame when he photographed the dress his mother-in-law wore to her wedding. blue and black dress with unusual color properties To many it turns out to be white and golden, the man was recently accused of trying to kill his wife Grace Johnson after 11 years of violence against her.

The man who photographed the famous dress lives on an island Colonsay in Scotlandaccused of torturing domestic violence And coercive control to Grace Johnson for 11 years, according to the man who tried to kill her times,

Keir Johnson is accused beat his wife repeatedly and attempted femicide at his home in the Hebrides trying to strangle her, According to the allegations, which date back to April 2019 and March 2022, Johnson allegedly pushed his wife against the wall several times. bullied even tried to strangle him for later threatened to kill him branding a Knife Him.

times and other sources also report that the man may have attempted to break into the vehicle in which his wife was, hit him through the open windowand on one occasion he allegedly grabbed her and dragged her out of a pub when she refused to accompany him.

According to other allegations, corroborated by witnesses close to the couple, Johnson may have done he separated his wife from her friends Will be away from them and will be tracked his activities and his finances,

the man appeared Glasgow High Court Denial of all charges was the case Adjourned For another preliminary hearing before the trial, which will take place in 2024.

Johnson is the author of the shot of the costume called “”The Dress That Broke the Internet” (The Dress That Broke the Internet), after becoming viral in 2015When shared on Tumblr by a guest at Johnson’s wedding, Caitlin McNeil, To solve which the woman had asked for help dress color dilemmaBe it blue and black or white and gold.

The outfit became a sensation in the media, even Johnston Invited by Ellen DeGeneres for his program. The presenter confessed that she sees a dress in white and gold.

dress color confirmed blue and black from the dealer Roman origin, Although the matter has currently attracted considerable interest of the scientific community There is no consensus among experts as to why this is the costume arouses excitement in the audience such colorful concepts,

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