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The Government approved the procedure to report the use of the covid-19 self-test and also the notification of its result.

According to Resolution 28/2022, published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette, the sale of this product will only be in participating pharmacies.

The regulation, signed by the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, establishes that users must report the results of the tests to pharmacies, and that these businesses, in turn, will submit the pertinent reports to the National Surveillance System of Health (SNVS).

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Among the considerations of this measure, it was underlined that “access to timely diagnosis is a determining factor to reduce the probability of contagion, improve the isolation measures of positive cases and the tracing of close contacts, and therefore, a fundamental pillar of containment measures in the event of a pandemic ”.

In that direction, it was explained that “the implementation of the COVID-19 self-assessment test collaborates in the decentralization process necessary to provide a better response to a situation that affects public health, since they do not require highly complex equipment or technology ”.

The resolution indicates, among other points, that the buyer must inform the health authorities if the diagnosis is positive or negative.

It will do it ”individually (pay attention to the barcode of each package) once it has been opened within 24 hours of making it.

If the product is purchased by a private user in a participating pharmacy, the use report is always made at the same point of sale – in person or by phone – through a website or by other means that may be developed.

If the test was acquired and / or used by a public or private institution, they must designate a health reference responsible for the use report, and report the destination and the results to the place of acquisition or, failing that, to the health authorities. of your jurisdiction.

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