Autumn winter 2023 make-up trends: the best from the fashion shows

5 make-up trends for autumn winter 2023 spotted at the fashion shows and that will be everywhere

In this chaotic month of catwalks and backstage pulsating with talent, theautumn winter 2023 2024 it has already made itself known as a seemingly sober year, in which fashion returns to the beginning to start again. The make-up trends spotted in New York, London, Paris and Milan balance this new sobriety with sophisticated, daring make-up proposals such as thetailed eyeliner increasingly long and angled to be recreated with a brush (and perhaps even with a ruler) for a truly graphic effect like the one on the Valentino catwalk, or even an imperfect one as he thought Inge Grognardkey make-up artist for Diesel, inspired by smudged after party looks. Among the many soap and water looks that accompanied the visions of Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini or Ferragamo, here are 5 make-up trends for autumn winter 2023 2024.

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1 . Eyelash focus: little mascara, but lots of pastel fake lashes from Prada with tufts from Vivetta

The gaze of the models remains a catalyst for attention during the fashion week, and through the use of bright colours, tufted eyelash applications or artistic details created ad hoc, it captures the public. Kendall Jenner da Prada is a fawn with lilac eyelashes, very long and rich in color as on the catwalk of UNDERCOVERbut in a neon version. Vivetta accessorize the lower lashline of models with the addition of tufted lashes to give depth, Marni also the upper one for a theatrical effect, while Laura and Deanna Fanning together with Cecile Paravina, Chanel Global Makeup Creative Partner, chose two black and white striped spider legs to recreate the same effect.

2 . Black and graphic eyeliner: extra version for Valentino, classic for Dolce & Gabbana

Drawing a line very often helps to clarify the things already done and those still to be done. It is so for Valentinethan with the parade Black Tie go beyond the preconstructed schemes and lengthen the line of eyeliner accordingly, but also for Balenciagawhich restarts from its roots and brings to the catwalk a clean, decisive and sharp make-up, black like its original outfits. Dolce & Gabbana she recovers her codes of sensuality with the archive and in recreating the look inspired by seduction, she opts for a duo of eyeliner and dark red lipstick that emphasizes all the curves of the face.

3. Eye makeup smudge (but artfully): Givenchy and Diesel’s after party

The new frontier of beauty is to love imperfection. This is how Isamaya Ffrench, a breakthrough make-up artist in the contemporary beauty scene plays with the indefinite effect by combining an eyeshadow that continues the conversation of the designs of Chet Lo on the catwalk and at the same time disperses the density of black on the catwalk of Givenchy. Inge Grognard, per Dieselinstead interprets an exhausted beauty, far from the codes of glam, imagining the models in a post-clubbing scenario in which at the end of the evening the make-up merges with the body and participates in an interlude of free pleasure.

3. Metallic details: the silver eyeshadow by Off White and the macro glitter by Louis Vuitton

The future plays hide and seek with 2023: the pandemic, the metaverse and the countless digital spaces, coexist with 90s nostalgia and censorship. Here it is Off White silver recovers the relationship with space and contaminates both skin, nails and hair, however Dilara Findikoglu is a color associated with the Y2k effect. Louis Vuitton uses silver details to recall light and the mirror effect, in embodying Nicolas Ghèsquiere’s search for a new French style, projected into the future.

4 . Red lipstick, yes, but “smudged”: the speckled effect by Gucci and Simone Rocha

A light touch suggests an equally ephemeral vitality: the child models of Simon Rocha and the wasted faces of Y/Project they have the same approach to lip makeup on the runway. Lipstick is patted on the lips, like a semblance of something that was there and shouldn’t be, while for Gucci appears almost smudgedpigment the lips and balance the contrast with outfits full of color.

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