Avian Flu: Comodoro and Rada Tilly sea lions found dead, test positive

Germán Rezanowicz, regional coordinator for animal health at the SENASA Southern Patagonia Regional Center confirmed, Commodore Rivadavia Rada Tilly discovers that the deceased person tested positive for bird flu.

Rezanovic assures “Laboratory findings revealed that the single-haired sea lion tested positive for influenza. “We found dead animals, but the advanced state of decomposition of the carcasses meant their death could not be reliably determined. “.

In this regard, he pointed out “Between Saturday and Sunday, swabs were taken from the dead wolves.” – not so long ago – and The test result was positive for avian influenza. “he confirmed.

“We have thought about this because of the positive tests in Puerto de Seado, Caleta Olivia, Camarones, Puerto Madryn. We were caught in the middle, but now we do have Positive results, bird flu is spreading in our region,” said the regional coordinator of animal health.

he clarified “anyway – Find out if the wolf is alive or dead – When we get a positive result for bird flu, we have already ruled out that the death was due to other causes. “

“If we found ourselves infected with avian influenza, the clinical symptoms would be alarming. In other cases where we have been notified of a wolf located at 4km, it was a disoriented young wolf and No manifestations of the disease were found.”.

Regarding the sea lions found in Comodoro and Rada Tilly, he said “There will be no more than three of these samples, but from the moment the result is positive, there could be 50, which “For us it’s positive,” Rezanovic clarified.

this means, ““When we talk about a disease with zoonotic potential, from the moment we get a positive result, all necessary precautions must be taken to prevent animals from potentially causing the disease in humans.”he emphasized.

This information was confirmed to ADNsur by Germán Rezanowicz, regional coordinator for animal health at the SENASA Regional Center for Southern Patagonia.

Chubut Province has the highest number of dead wolves

Fernando Bersano, Director of Fauna and Flora of Chubut Province. He explained that only some of these deaths could be attributed to avian influenza.

Bersano reports The areas most affected by the death of sea lions are around the areas of Punta Lasso and Puntaloma, 14 kilometers from Puerto Madryn. Although some cases have been linked to avian influenza, research is ongoing to determine other factors that contributed to the animals’ deaths.

Also in the spotlight is Punta Tombo, an iconic place famous for being home to the Magellanic penguins, which at their peak were home to as many as one million penguins. The place is getting ready to open to visitors next Friday. Bersano explained that so far, there have been no reports of penguins arriving in the area.

The official noted that safety protocols are in place when entering penguin colonies, but even with the utmost precautions, there is no confirmation that cases will not arise in these colonies. “If the flu spreads to the Tumbo community, the situation will be very bad,” Bersano warned.

on the other hand, In the port of Piramides, 20 dead penguins were found, but Bersano explained that these cases were not related to avian influenza.

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