Avian Flu: Sea lion mortality rates significantly reduced

Last week, only three animals died.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change in Rio Negro confirmed that the number of sea lion deaths caused by avian influenza has decreased significantly. A total of 1,461 sea lions have died from the virus since the outbreak began several months ago. Taking into account the drop in infections, only three cases were recorded last week. There were 43 deaths last week. Among other things, they clarified that the worst moment of the outbreak was between weeks six and nine.

Judging from the situation, the largest number of dead animals was in the Punta Bermeja Fauna Reserve with 811 cases, the remaining deaths were in El Condor with 86; 74 in San Antonio; 42 in Bay Creek; Caleta 80 in Los Lobos; 14 in Puerto Lobos; 22 in San Antonio Puerto del Este; 214 in Islote Lobos and 119 in Bahía Rosas. “Everyone’s cooperation and responsibility are crucial at this moment to control the spread of the virus and safeguard people’s health,” they stressed in the provincial ministry. They therefore asked the community to contact Senasa if they suspect or report affected birds. . Contact can be made by phone, email or app. In this way, they recommend staying informed and continuing to comply with current measures.

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