Avian Influenza Cases Detected in Santa Cruz Sea Lions – ADNSUR

he National Produce Health and Quality Service (Senasa) The test results were released after around 40 sea lions died in Necochea, Buenos Aires. It was confirmed that 16 of them died from bird flu.

But in addition to this, positive cases of this avian virus were reported among the fatal cases. Two sea lions in Punta Loyola, Santa Cruz.

Meanwhile, a dozen dead sea lions and others with symptoms of bird flu have been spotted in Viedma, in the state of Río Negro, in the past few hours. These cases are awaiting confirmation from SENASA.

Also in Tierra del Fuego, 21 sea lions were reported dead And it has been confirmed that at least 7 people are infected with bird flu. So the provincial government put up signs to prevent people from entering the Rio Grande city’s coastal sanctuary.

40 sea lion deaths worrying: They investigate if bird flu outbreak

New cases of avian influenza have been confirmed in sea lions.

Official sources told Infobae that they still don’t know how the sea lion contagion happened. “Presumably, they may have come into contact with infected birds by consuming infected birds as food,” they said.

Senasa advises against handling dead animals or animals showing suspicious symptoms. Likewise, producers, institutions, and the public are reminded that notification must be made if high mortality, neurological, digestive, and/or respiratory symptoms of susceptible species are found in wild birds or in commercial or backyard poultry.

Tierra del Fuego: First case of bird flu confirmed in sea lion

Authorities also advise against traveling to poultry farms or wildlife habitats or handling them after exposure to dead or symptomatic animals.

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