Avian Influenza in Chubut: two positive cases in the Valdes Peninsula, the area is on alert

Yesterday, two sea lion carcasses found in the port of Piramides were confirmed to be infected with bird flu. Due to the severity of the situation, please do not bring pets to the beach.

Authorities have asked that pets not be taken to sea lion colonies or nearby beaches as it is risky as after the sea lions die, they are swept away by the tide and start spreading across the beach. Although there have been no cases of dog-to-human transmission in Argentina, it is a virus and can mutate.

On the other hand, veterinarians who are dealing with sea lion bird impacts observed 50 dead sea lions in the habitat yesterday, as well as dead penguins and seagulls, sea lion miscarriages, and a few more dying, so apart from the ouse Beyond the fact that there were already dead wolves in Wyia to Necochea, it was a “pretty serious situation”.

As a final note, with these two cases of H1N1, all wolf deaths will be considered positive.

“Wolves catch disease from sick wild birds”

Senate state chair Ximena Mel√≥n said the hypothesis was that “sea lions got the disease from sick wild birds” that shed the virus in their feces.

When asked about sea lions jumping to humans, Mellon dismissed the possibility, assuring that “the small number of cases of bird flu that exist worldwide has been linked to close and direct contact between sick birds.”

All these findings and results were carried out within the framework of nationwide surveillance operations and health measures to prevent the disease.

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