Avian Influenza in Las Grutas (Letter from the Reader)

They kept talking about dead wolves, and as far as I know, wolves can’t fly.

The virus is spread by migratory birds, such as those arriving at this time.

What should we do with these birds?

Is it possible to let them continue to be infected?

Observe the behavior of these birds to determine if they are infected.

In Piedras Coloradas, there are scavengers such as gulls or harriers, also on the shore of the boat, and they are seen every day, such as red knots, swallows, plovers, anti-billed sandpipers, oystercatchers, etc. .

They interact with gulls, mallards, herons, petrels, storks, parrots, owls, sparrows and more.

All of these areas are potential breeding and spreading centers for avian influenza. Maxim was run over by stray dogs of all colors that ate the dead birds and returned to the city, where they originated and lived, with all the epidemiological risks.

So what can we do now?

Give the floor to the Expert Foundation.

Dr. Antonio Tourville lives in the Los Chañares area (between Piedras Coloradas and El Buque)

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