Awareness campaigns for influenza, pneumonia and Covid-19

The Argentine Society of Vaccinology and Epidemiology (SAVE) has launched an awareness campaign that will take place throughout the day today and tomorrow at the Retiro train station.

There, information will be provided on the importance of vaccination against pneumonia, influenza and Covid-19, while the Ministry of Health will set up an additional booth where those interested in doing so can receive the corresponding vaccine free of charge.

“La Posta es Vacunarse”, an initiative covering several regions in Argentina, announced that high-risk groups aged 65 years or older or younger can receive pneumonia and influenza vaccines in health centers, PAMI pharmacies and vaccination sites throughout the country.

Through a statement, it was detailed that the “La Posta es Vacunarse” event will take place today and tomorrow at Ramos Mejía Avenue 1500, where a new “awareness station” will be set up.

The three main vaccines the program focuses on are completely free. Likewise, both influenza and pneumonia vaccines are included in the national vaccination schedule, targeting children 6 to 23 months of age for influenza, and 2, 4, and 12 months of age for pneumonia.

Additionally, both vaccines are available to everyone aged 65 or older and those aged 2 to 64 with at-risk conditions.

Meanwhile, regarding medicines against Covid-19, although they are not officially included in the calendar, they are also free to apply for.

Recently, the Ministry of Health recommended that if six months have passed since the last dose, a booster shot should be given and the above cycle continued for the highest risk groups; for those at moderate risk, a booster shot should be given six months after the last shot, followed by Vaccination is given once a year; for those at low risk, annual renewal of their booster dose is recommended.

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