Axel Muñiz brings it back to Pee-Wee with “Regálame” – The Democrat


may 17, 2020

Editorial/Notimex.- The singer Axel Muñiz brings it under the arm a new musical collaboration in Regálamesimple , your authorship that has just launched across digital platforms in the company of the interpreter, mexican-american and friend Pee Wee.

“I learned a lot of Pee Wee, is a guy who has worked since he was very young, it always attains something of the other person at the time of writing, we had very good chemistry, we laughed more than we filmed”, shared for Notimex the singer of 22 years with regard to exintegrante of Kumbia Kings.

Pop as a starting point in the musical career of Muñiz has adapted to the new markets and in this installment, says that the styles of both of them did a fusion positive: “every one who kept their way of being and expressing yourself, that was what I liked, it is a song very Latin, t-shirts and romantic”.

The son of Jorge Muñiz also talks about his facet as a composer, which is exploding in recent times it is coming an album completely written by him for the 29th of may next:

“I write the songs in moments in which that appears, the inspiration, is not something that I porgrame to do, suddenly I hear a melody in the head or triago’s a feeling saved that I can express more with music and when I compose. I had the opportunity to travel to Colombia before the quarantine and there I took a composition workshop which left many good things that you see in this disk”, it says.

“I love what he does Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, John Mayer, Coldplay, Jesse & Joy, there are many more singer-songwriters that I admire,” says the artist about his favourite musicians.

In the meantime, Axel will focus their attention on the music as is expected for this year, a third season of the series from Netflix Go! Live it your way where the singer embodies “Gaspar Fontán”: “the pandemic stopped all the recordings and we still don’t know what will happen but if there are plans for other projects that have to do with the music, of course I’m interested,” he said.