Aya Nakamura in sexy bikini at the pool


In captivity, Aya Nakamura sunbathes in bikini by the pool in his story Instagram. What to do, should the Paris.

Since Monday evening, France is in captivity. The right to leave, but you can always have a great time. Aya Nakamura shows us in his story Instagram. She is posing in a sexy bikini at the pool. There are worse things than containment !

It is beautiful, it is warm, and yet a ban without a real reason. But a return trip to the supermarket is not enough for enjoying the spring sun. Suddenly the Paris round turn with you. While the singer Aya Nakamura, you, relaxing in his pool.

Nothing is better, Thursday is Sunny, like taking a bath, isn’t it ? It is a choice that has Aya Nakamura on this beautiful Thursday in March. No permit need audio output immerse the feet in the water. So, you envierait almost…

Yesterday, a story was Instagram. Indoor : pool, XXL and a support message that a “good containment for all “. What a smile on his fans to not be able to see live before you for a moment. The singer Coachella in april had to. But the festival was postponed because of the Covid-19.

Covid-19: Aya Nakamura pose in sexy bikini by the pool

Covid-19: Aya Nakamura pose in sexy bikini by the pool

Break-pool for Aya Nakamura during the containment

Little music in the background, blue sky, turquoise water, and, bikini, sexy, his story has something to despair, the operation polite. After three days without starting, and the French would do for a “splash” with the singer.

The spring is there, but the Covid-19. However, you can hear rumors, according to which the restraint is prolonged, it could be. What’s in despair more than a. To keep in the best case, 12 more days !

Also, for the moment, you can only drool in front of the story by Aya Nakamura and note his bikini more sexy. So, for the other, it is the team pajama, sets observed the blue sky outside his window.

Courage to all, and we wait to enjoy on the invitation of Aya Nakamura, with you at the pool to begin, in the sun for the summer !