Aya Nakamura single: her darling Vladimir Boudnikoff abandoned in Dubai?


After having managed to overcome a big scandal, Aya Nakamura and her darling Vladimir Boudnikoff finally seem to have made the decision to separate. Returning from a stay in Dubai, the 25-year-old singer implied that she is now single …

For several months, Aya Nakamura and her darling Vladimir Boudnikoff had a relationship without shadow on the table. We remember that during the first confinement, the singer displayed her couple … without revealing the identity of her lover. A few weeks before the release of his second album which is a real success, the artist finally took the risk of presenting his man on social networks. The beginning of the problems!

Last December, an alleged mistress of Vladimir Boudnikoff, who is none other than the producer of Aya, came out of the silence to swing on their supposed bedtime. A few days later, several compromising audios, in which the young man admits to having cheated on Aya, were also published on social networks… Despite the controversy, the singer continued to show her support for her man.

To rekindle the flame, Aya Nakamura and Vladimir Boudnikoff then set sail for Dubai where they spent the end of year celebrations. The opportunity to have a good time but also to work since the singer has performed there in concert.
And as they displayed their love again, it all seems to have fallen apart. This Sunday, January 3, 2021, the young mother posted an Instagram story where she appears alone within the background, the song “Céliba Ka BA” by Saa’Turn ft DJ Mafieu. We note that she also retweeted a Twitter message that read “AYA SINGLE”. A simple and clear way to announce her breakup with Vladimir Boudnikoff.

Vladimir Boudnikoff planted in Dubai?
If the two lovebirds had gone to Dubai together, everything suggests that they ended their stay on their own. Vladimir Bounikoff was indeed displayed alone during his last day and his last night at the hotel. This Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the producer also posted himself on social networks and seems to have taken the plane alone to return to France …