Aya Nakamura: this lesson in humility given to her by Beyonce!


This January 16, Aya Nakamura was the guest of Nikos Aliagas in “50 min inside”. She confided in her life as a mother.

Finally reconciled with Nikos Aliagas, Aya Nakamura answered her questions on January 16 in the program “50 min inside”. Mother of a little Aicha, 4 years old, the singer explained how she combined career and family life.

She assured the host: “It’s super complicated. The more the child grows, the more needs she has. I go to parent-teacher meetings … like everyone else. It’s really important to preserve that. “. That’s why, she says, “you have to take it upon yourself because it requires a lot of sacrifices, time to be a singer and to be a mother at the same time”. A choice that many mothers have made, without giving up anything. And Aya Nakamura believes that if “Beyoncé is going to pick up her kids from school,” then she can do that too.

She wants “lots of children, a nice house”

A whole organization for the interpreter of “Jolie nana”, who has also always made her baby her priority. She explains about her: “When I had my daughter, I said to myself that I had to take care of her, now I will have to think of her before thinking of myself”. And her reward is that they both grow up, her as a mother, Aïcha as a daughter. The diva recognizes: “We learn it every day. There, I tell myself what she grows up quickly, a child that retains everything”.

In a relationship with her producer Vladimir Boudnikoff, if Aya Nakamura prances at the top of the hit parade, she has in mind what her “dream life” could be. It would be to have “lots of kids, a nice house”, with “the guy you can count on, the good daddy” she admits. No pressure.