Ayem divine in a bikini (one with glasses) is too small !


Currently on holiday in Marrakech, Ayem a good time takes only… at least that is what she wants to believe his followers ! Session the spa alone, a romantic dinner, all alone, sun bathing and relaxing, all alone… But what is she trying to hide ? It is THE question everyone asks ! There is a person you are not hiding, it is her husband. The pretty brunette posted a photo of her son, Ayvin on his account Instagram. This was on a pretty pony, in what seems to be the family. In fact, if she was in pair with Vincent Miclet, Ayem told, a lot of photos and videos in the same Moroccan house.

In any case, the brown arsonist is not to be forgotten feminine and sexy (Yes, Yes, even as a mother and business woman). On his photos to Instagram, you have a v-neck shows in a outfit in the summer, what to do, to dream, to his community. After he was relieved of his kilos of the pregnancy, the former head of the Mad-Mag back to its silhouette of the girl and the shows, as soon as the weather permits. On Wednesday, may 4. in March, she’s in a bikini with diamonds-red, she has the pose on his account.

With your feet in the water, Ayem Nour happiness of his fans, not dried up and melt, though, so you could read the comments : “A pure miracle ! “, “too beautiful” or “very pretty,”. At the age of 31 years, Ayem a mother is covered and what is obviously all the roles she adopts, combines, wonderful.

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