Ayem Nour in mourning, she announces the loss of a member of her family and apologizes to her fans


It is a very sad moment for Ayem Nour who has just lost a member of her family to whom she was very close.

Mom fulfilled thanks to her son Ayvin born in 2016, but also a fulfilled woman since she lost all of her extra pounds, Ayem Nour must this January 25 face very bad news.

In the Instagram story of the former host of NRJ12, Internet users learned very sad news at the beginning of the week. Indeed, it is on a black background, with white writings, that the latter explained to her subscribers that a member of her family had just died. It is therefore through a message from her dad that we first learn the news ” My baby, I hope you will understand my decision not to have informed you immediately of the death of an uncle. I know. what place it occupies in your heart. I have to wait this morning for the result of my Covid-19 test to be able to take a plane to Tunis today. I will keep you posted. Courage, I love you “.

While she was supposed to do life on her Instagram account with her fans, Ayem, therefore, apologized for not having kept her promise, ” Yesterday, after a wonderful day I learned from my mom about the disappearance of a loved one in my eyes… For those who have been present on my networks for a few years, you know that I do not usually justify myself in my private life but there, I had to apologize to you for this meeting missed you “. A message that must have moved its subscribers, who obviously did not take into account this last-minute cancellation. A terrible drama that has also allowed the former candidate of Secret Story to question several points of her life, “I understood over time that real wealth is what cannot be bought. Become aware of the value and the richness of each one, of your senses every day… Take care of yourself and your loved ones and above all, be aware and grateful, we all have several reasons to be happy every day. So, do not wait. Love yourself, love others. Moments that we will never relive, beings that we can no longer touch or feel, love, health, values… In short, these are all the things that we neglect on a daily basis and which are however more enriching than everything else “.

Very touched by Ayem Nour’s sincerity and sadness following the death of her uncle, many Internet users immediately wanted to support the latter, who did not hesitate for a second to thank them with a nice message, “You are so benevolent with me. I did not ask for so much but now I have the proof that the time that I give you daily is not wasted. You give it back to me a hundredfold. Sincerely, thank you “. Moments of solidarity like this are the most beautiful.