Baby dies in serious crash on Rozo-Cerrito highway

A baby: Victim of a tragic accident on the Rozo-Cerrito highway special offers

An unfortunate event happened last Sunday that shocked all the inhabitants of the Valle del Cauca. 11-month-old baby dies in car accident On the Cali-Rozzo road.

According to the information currently available, in this traffic accident, A woman was seriously injured and the baby in her arms died at the scene.

Subsequently, the mayor’s office of Palmyra expressed condolences to these people.In addition, they also emphasized Follow the advice given by the Department of Transportation to avoid traffic accidents.

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“We regret the incident that occurred between Rozo and Cerrito around noon on Sunday in which a child under 11 months lost his life. This is a fact that is being investigated.”

Daniel Parra Valdez, Palmyra’s Minister of Transport, said.

He went on to say, “Obviously, The driver of the vehicle loses control and crashes or leaves the road. In this incident, six passengers have been diverted; two of them went to the city of Cali and three to the assistance center in Palmyra”.

Finally, Para Valdez reiterated that “The importance of wearing a seat belt and not exceeding the speed limit. Bear in mind that we are traveling in the dry season and after the rains of the last few days it is easy to lose control.Therefore, we will continue to process and control orders We will continue to be with the family of the 11-month-old who died“.

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