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Concerts are always a favorite moment for artists who have the opportunity to meet their fans and present their music on stage. However, the unexpected, even rather unpleasant, is always just around the corner. He knows something singer Baby K, hit by a fan in a stampede after the show and was immediately taken to the hospital: due to a severe chest injury, she had to cancel the following performances. She herself spoke about it on social networks, explaining that everything was fine with her, and took it out (not too secretly) with security.

The Unpleasant Adventure of Baby K.

Engaged in the promotion of his latest single “M’ama non m’ama”. Baby K. takes his music around Italy. And between one live and another, as usual, he never avoids selfies with fans on the sidelines of his performances. A tried habit that nevertheless gave her an unpleasant surprise in the city of Teramo, as she herself revealed in the series stories on instagram: After being slapped by a fan, she was taken to the hospital and worse, had to cancel some concerts.

In a broken voice, Baby K. turned to his subscribers: “The day before yesterday I was in Teramo, and there the police decided to do the opposite of their job: they opened the barriers and such a crowd formed! I had children. I was loaded by a woman so much so that I had a chest injury, so that yesterday I could not even speak from the pain. I went to the hospital and I am black. I have to cancel the next showsmany are abroad, and I waited eight years to make them.”

Complaint about the singer

Deeply regretting what happened, Baby K did not blame the fans for what happened. but to poor security controls: “I don’t complain about photos, I’m just happy to look people in the eyes and see these smiling faces that can’t wait to be photographed with me: I love children, I love people they love each other (…) but there is one thing that out of control: it is impossible not to put safety first, it is impossible to risk situations of insanity, a great danger for photographs.

In fact, the singer explained that she cried in pain all day, but that was the most disturbing moment. the possibility that a child or elderly person could have been in his place: “Safety is not my responsibility, all these years to photograph, I was pawed, pulled, strangled, pushed, insulted, but I still shoot, but safety should be above all.”

Pitfalls of concerts of stars

A sharp outburst that takes on more urgency in light of the many episodes in which several artists on stage were recently hit by objects thrown by the crowd. Baby Rexfor example, a cell phone hit her in the face and Harry Styles had to deal with a dime in the eye. The last in chronological order was the rapper Cardi B, who could not resist the provocation and in response threw a microphone at a fan who beat her with a drink.

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