Baby of eight months gives positive Covid-19 in Chiapas; total 28 cases


The baby kept contact with his grandfather, who is hospitalized in the Clinic of Respiratory Diseases. Photo: PIXABAY


Two new cases of Covid-19 it is reported in Chiapasone of them, it is a baby eight months of age, according to data of the Secretariat of Health of the entity.

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The dependence explained that with these patients, the state reached a total of 28 people were infected with the disease.

The holder of the state agency, Jose Manuel Cruz Castellanos, he said that one of the cases corresponds to a man of 42 years age with domicile in the township of Independence, who is a contact of patient who died yesterday.

He pointed out that this man remains under home isolation because of its symptoms.

On the other hand, the second case corresponds to a less than eight months of agewho maintained contact with a man hospitalized in the Clinic of Respiratory Diseases, identified as his grandfather.

Despite the positive diagnosis to the viral diseasethe infant remains asymptomatic up to this point and is guarded by two pediatricians pulmonologists.

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