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Baby yes, move no: Travis Scott stands

That Kylie Jenner (24) is pregnant is a mystery that is still up in the air. Why? Well, because although the clue was given to us by Caitlyn Jenner, now it turns out that Kylie is not seen on her full-length Instagram and when she does, her followers think they are old videos or images. So while neither Kylie nor Travis scott They say “this mouth is mine”, TMZ has obtained some statements from friends of the couple in which the pregnancy is not only confirmed but from which it is clear that Kylie and Travis are having an uphill fight. Why?

“She wants him to be 100% involved in the family and that includes moving to live with Stormi and her,” says the source. The truth is that although the couple resumed their relationship after a few months apart, they had not yet returned to live together. “Travis loves Kylie, but he is still not sure if he is ready to live together and even less with the news of the pregnancy on everyone’s lips.”

It was Caitlyn jenner the one that opened a melon that we still don’t know if it will be true or not. During a visit to an establishment as part of her campaign to become the next governor of California, Caitlyn claimed that she had just learned that she was going to be a grandmother again and that she was delighted. And of course, since the last time that Kylie Jenner got pregnant she did not confirm it until she had the baby in her arms, nobody knows when we will be able to know if it is true that the youngest of the Kardashians (but the richest) is pregnant with the that it would be his second offspring.

We say this because we all know that the Kardashians often let rumors grow and no one knows very well what is happening in their lives. Not to mention Khlo√© Kardashian and Tristan Thompson who have our heads like a real hype with so many comings and goings. But let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Photographers captured Travis Scott strolling the streets of New York and the truth is that happy, what is said happy, the truth is that I was not. It is also true that his role as a rapper does not allow him to smile much, as also happens to Victoria Beckham (although she is not a rapper), but hey, if he were to become a father for the second time, then maybe as he gave him for smile a little.

Be that as it may, it is true that this pregnancy news comes hours after Kylie announced that her clothing line of swimsuits and bikinis will arrive in a few days. And hey, there was no better time for all eyes to be on her. Are we being a little picky? Yes, but what do you want … The last time she got pregnant, she didn’t let go until Stormi had arrived in the world and, in addition, she profited from them with a video that she uploaded to her YouTube account.

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