‘Babylon’ arrives July 21 on Paramount+

From July 21 ‘Babylon’ will be available on Paramount+, Paramount’s subscriber-only digital video streaming service. got the movie three Oscar nominations (for Best Costume Design, Best Original Score, Best Production Design) and won golden globes for the soundtrack of Justin Hurwitz,


‘Babylon’ is directed by Damien Chazellewho featured in the film 1920s Hollywood In the midst of its decadence, in the midst of excesses and debauchery. It takes us back to the cinema dream of the origins of the Seventh Art, with a reinterpretation of a bygone flavor in a contemporary key. Specifically, the narrative focuses on a Important moment for film industry In the second decade of the twentieth century, when we see a change from silent to sound. As a result, many stars cringe and leave the scene, without dynamism and dramatic effect.


The cast of ‘Babul’ is full of big names. the main characters are:- Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt), the highest paid silent film actor; , Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie)actresses seeking fame and success; , Sydney Palmer (Jovan Adepo), the black jazz trumpeter who enters the film industry; , Manny Torres (Diego Calva), a young Mexican who works in that environment full of hopes and aspirations. Among other people seen in the film ‘Babylon’ next to him:- Elinor St. John (Jean Smart), the intelligent and spontaneous gossip columnist; , James Mackay (Tobey Maguire)drug addict gangster bordering on delirium and insanity; , Fay Zhu (Lee Joon Lee), an enchanting actress and singer who works various other odd jobs to make ends meet; , Irving Thalberg (Max Minghella)Big screen creators and real life characters.

cult scene

– Some of the iconic moments of ‘Babylon’, the film begins with an elephant needing to shoot a silent film in a desert full of extras and being transported in a vehicle when suddenly the animal driver But he defecates. Van. At a Hollywood party amid mountains of cocaine and unbridled sex, a girl starts urinating on a naked man lying on the floor. – In the second half of the film Nellie, i.e. Margot Robbie, under the influence of drugs, throws a “vomit-projectile”, as defined in some interviews, hitting the powerful figures of New York at that time in a tuxedo, Culture After being mocked by him for his lack of. Jack Konrad’s scene also impresses when he sneaks into the audience to watch the audience laugh while he narrates a love scene with incredibly sweet words on the screen: this is one of the highlights of his career. Come to the conclusion that is a sad sign.


The film reminds of the book ‘Babylon’ ‘Hollywood Babylon’ written by kenneth ragewriter and filmmaker who died at the end of May 2023 At the age of 96. The text, which reveals scandals behind the scenes of the Star System, first appeared in France in 1959, with subsequent publications also circulating in Italy.

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