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An unforgettable show that will surely touch the hearts of hundreds of people will be held on December 10 at the Movistar Arena. Is about “Back to the Orchestra”, An audiovisual show that invites people to relive the magical moments of the past that were recorded in their memory. Damien Mahler will direct and orchestrate more than 80 musicians on stage who will represent the most iconic film soundtracks.

Back to the Future “,” Robocop “,” Terminator “,” Jurassic Park “,” Star Wars “,” Indiana Jones “, and “Batman”, among many others, they will be some of them and that will not only mobilize the spectators but also the protagonists of the symphonic concert.

This was stated by Mahler himself in dialogue with when he was excited about what was coming: “Doing this show is a huge and beautiful challenge. We were lucky to do it first in Spain and beyond being a symphonic concert, is an invitation to explore our memory in times when there was no ‘skip intro button’”.

Back to the Orchestra

“Back to the Orchestra” will be held on December 10 at the Movistar Arena.

I think listeners lived through a very magical time and saw great films by great directors and inspired by great musicians with scores that cannot be believed”Warned the teacher.

Asked which of all the melodies he will perform is his favorite, he acknowledged: “If I have to choose one, I choose ET which is a movie that I saw millions of times in my childhood. It has a score that totally cuts through me. It has the best 15 minutes of music. It is the innocence of childhood and the sweetness of that love for this friend”.

Damián is one of the most recognized composers and conductors in the country. Son of Angel Mahler, the artist knew from his childhood that his future, and life, would be dedicated to music. “I think that moment was before I had a conscience. I was lucky enough to grow up in a musical family where my dad shared music and visual material with us and also took us to the theater. So the desire for music was always in the unconscious. If I have to choose a moment where I said that I wanted to dedicate myself to music it was in my adolescence but it is something that honestly I have always had.”He recalled.

The success of his professional present is a natural consequence of his clarity when deciding his career, and of course of his rigorous artistic journey: “Any path of music is super complex and there is no rule. I think that each one is making different decisions that lead him to where you are. I never thought to dedicate myself to something else and unlike others I did not have to fight and convince their parents to be able to do it”.

On the other hand, the conductor referred to the technological advance that currently allows him to perform a great musical display. “Today, within the field of music, impressive things are happening. There are some that died and no longer exist and others that reinvent themselves. But there are great composers at work“, Held.

Finally, he invited the public to have the opportunity to relive his childhood with his next show: “I think there is still a lot of inspiration and I am convinced that what we do on stage is still a classic and is timeless. It is a place where a lot of people will come willing to appreciate our music.”.

See part of what was “Back To The Orchestra” in Mallorca!


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