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Spotted: Morning of May 25, 2023 bad rabbit Seen in Monte Carlo, where he attended the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. For the occasion, the “Tity Me Preganto” singer continued to align her style with Kendall Jenner’s — raise your hand if you’ve seen her matching animal print boots at a Lakers game — wearing a shirt with the iconic print cyber dots The one from the 90s by Jean Paul Gaultier that reminded everyone of a long dress from the same collection worn in winter by the top model.

In particular, a two piece suit Traditionally associated with women’s (beachwear) clothing: what Puerto Rican artist has taken the opportunity to promote a genderless approach to fashion, free from gender bias?

Summer 2023 Fashion, All About the Bad Bunny Bikini Costume

bikini summer 2023 bad bunny

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To participate in the Monaco Grand Prix, bad rabbit Wore a slim black, orange and brown short-sleeved zip-up top with a trompe l’oeil print that everyone immediately recognized. Victor Vasarely’s optical art and films such as mad Max, The polka dot pattern sprinkling the top of the singer comes from the application of different distortion parameters, while Bikini appears as accused. To match the multicolored polo shirt, Bad Bunny chose brown tailored trousers and oversized tortoiseshell-rimmed Gucci sunglasses emblazoned with the “GG” logo.

Like the singer of “Unx100to” and entrepreneur of Tequila 818, there are many star Who has revealed that her wardrobe consists of Jean Paul Gaultier polka dot tops, dresses, skirts, trousers and overalls. There are people like Kim Kardashian, who keeps in her wardrobe a vintage creation that came straight from the designer’s archives, and people like Kylie Jenner who didn’t miss the chance to conquer the reinterpretation launched by the brand’s new creative director, Florence Tetier, The 2022/2023 season has been renamed during the autumn-winter cyber,

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