Bad Bunny may have left the project. here is the first possible plot

Days after Sony canceled the film’s release date, it appears that Bad Bunny has dropped the Spider-Man spin-off project, El Muerto, and Sony is still open to recasting it, according to some rumors. Is. Character.

As revealed by well-known insider DanielRPK, the film is supposed to be the story of two wrestlers who inherit superpowers from their luchador masks. After gaining their powers the two must run into problems with the mafia led by Tombstone and Hammerhead.

Actually, despite a long time since the announcement of the film, the production of the film has not started yet and according to a recent rumor, the production of the film may be postponed. We don’t know whether this is a definite cancellation of the project at the moment or just a postponement due to the writers’ strike, but the film is currently on hold.

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Remind that the next films of Sony’s Spider-Verse have already been postponed. crucifixion Actually, it will be released on October 6 this year. madam web On February 16, 2024. We’ll surely get some additional details at the next CinemaCon in April where Sony will have a lengthy panel dedicated to its upcoming film production.

remind that will direct the film jonas cuarĂ³nson of alphonso cuaronOscar winning director who directed Rome, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban and the children of men Whereas Gareth Dunnett-Alcoser screenwriter of blue beetle Instead he would write the film.

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