Bad Corona For The Production Of Cars Reduced By Up To 1.44 Million Units


INDOZONE.ID The pandemic-virus, corona -, the world of the automotive industry is deteriorating. In fact, in some countries, the manufacturers are willing to shut down the factory for a long time drive, because the corona virus.

To stop in addition, the production of the factory for a while, but by the outbreak of the corona virus has the potential to reduce the number of car production in the world this year. According to data from IHS, Markit, passenger car production in Europe, North America and Latin America, a reduction of up to 1.44 million units reported.

“The work stoppage is the production of cars in Europe, more than 880,000 units, cut view of the closure of the factory for an average of 13 days of work in the region,” said party-IHS Markit.

In North America is estimated to decline by 478 thousand units by the average closing price of the factory for six days. Whereas, the closure of the plants in Brazil and Argentina will be reduced to 80,000 units by the average closing price of the plant is between 8-15 days.

For your information, the car sales have touched to pay worldwide per year, the number of 90 million units. In the year 2019 before, the sales of light vehicles produced worldwide allegedly sold as many as 89 million units.

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