“Bad Gal Riri”: Does the bump need space? Rihanna walks with her pants unbuttoned

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are expecting their second child.  (Photo by Viannie Le Caer/Invision/AP)
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are expecting their second child. (Photo by Viannie Le Caer/Invision/AP)


What goes wrong is done right. This also applies to your favorite jeans. It seems that this is what Rihanna thought in her last days when she left the house with her pants unbuttoned.

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  • Rihanna is back in some very sexy clothes despite being pregnant.
  • Maternity clothes are not for her.
  • It’s not for nothing that she’s been considered a maternity fashion revolutionary since her first motherhood in 2022.
  • Rihanna made a splash at the 2023 Super Bowl.

“Definitely pregnant!”, I think at first sight. And right after, “Oh, your pants are open, Riri.”

Not in vain Rihanna she is considered a bad girl in the music industry and is referred to as “Bad Gal Riri” on Instagram. It is normal for the singer to be provocative in terms of fashion even during pregnancy. After all, you must always live up to your reputation.

So why not look like you just got out of the bathroom and forgot to zip it up? And then, well, what if the tummy is in the way, and you want to wear your favorite baggy pants? Rihanna indulges herself by following the motto “what doesn’t go well is done right”: unbutton your pants, stick out your belly and go. Or something like that.

Never maternity clothes

Naturally, Rihanna wants to draw attention to her pregnancy in an unusual way. Ever since she first got pregnant, it’s been clear that we’ll probably never see the global star in maternity wear. She publicly celebrated her big bump like no other before.

Then, as now, let her prettiest curves be in style and say goodbye to comfy sweaters and sneakers.

No wonder she is considered a revolutionary fashion for pregnant women. Hairspray, heels, lace, transparencies and lots of nude skin are all part of Rihanna’s daily looks again.

The singer, who gave birth to her first child, RZA Athelston, in May, announced her second pregnancy at the Super Bowl, arguably the biggest stage in the world.

She and rapper A$AP Rocky are expecting their second child. We can only speculate on the due date, but it looks like it could happen any day.

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