Bagnaia: “We are heroes, we need to remember that sometimes”

Pecco Bagnaia always wanted to win. He’s such a character. But a podium like the one achieved in the Misano sprint certainly goes beyond the value of the result. Just six days ago the Ducati rider was the victim of a horrific crash in Barcelona when Binder’s KTM clipped his leg, but today he was able to compete with the best.

There is still a hematoma on his right leg, stretching from his knee to his foot, but the World Cup leader gritted his teeth and gave himself a chance to remember Saturday. Having achieved the first row against all odds, he managed to confirm third place in the sprint, limiting the damage to his main pursuers at the World Championships, Jorge Martin and Marco Bezzecchi, who beat him to the checkered flag.

“It’s a good motivational boost because it wasn’t something we took for granted at all. It would be easier to take a weekend off to get back to 100%, also because it would bring some complications on a physical level. But it was too much.” It’s important not to let go, as I said yesterday. I am very pleased and proud of what we have achieved,” Pecco said at the end of the day, making no secret of the fact that he needed a rest after such a busy day as today.

What was absolutely obvious after the finish of the sprint, given that he immediately ran off to get treatment: “I went to treat my truck, put ice on it. After the race I had a bit of a critical moment, but we were ready for anything because we knew it could go like this. It was right to save myself for tomorrow’s match from a physical point of view, and the ice is the most important thing.”

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team

Photo: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

Among other things, it was a very difficult race for him until the very end, because he had to defend against the return to KTM of the wild Dani Pedrosa, who at 37 years old still manages to ride like a child. Despite the physical problems, the Piedmontese showed very strong performance under braking and for this reason he was compared to Carlos Sainz’s defense at the Italian Grand Prix.

“Sainz of course did a good defensive job in Monza, he was very good. But, fortunately, I have had this ability for a long time: I can brake sharply, and when I see that I am having difficulties, someone tries to overtake me.” I always try to brake as hard as possible.”

Bezzecchi, who is not physically fit himself due to arm pain, said in his report that Pecco was likely to have some left over for tomorrow’s long race. When the person concerned was told this, he agreed that a medium rear tire could help him compared to the soft one used today, adding, however, that nothing should be taken for granted and that his favorite is Martin, who has cut today gap to 45. points.

“I did everything I could. Tomorrow will definitely be different, I will be able to be more competitive because we are racing on tires that I prefer because they make the bike more stable. But moving from third to second or first is still a challenge. “It’s difficult. We’ll see. Martin is in this. At the moment he has an advantage from all points of view: he’s very fast, has great stability and is not injured. So he’s at a higher level and will be difficult to beat.” This is, of course, a weekend where it is important to score points and try your best. If you can score a few more points, so be it. But we shouldn’t force the situation.”

When it was then emphasized what he and Bezzecchi managed to do despite their difficult conditions, he continued: “We are heroes, that’s the truth. We are superheroes. I think we need to remember that sometimes.”

However, his character was also revealed when he was asked if he would have signed up on Monday to finish on the podium today: “I wouldn’t be happy, but I would accept it. I’m a little like that. The most important thing is not so much the result itself, but how we achieved it, which makes me proud and happy.”

Finally, he explained how the holiday helmet he’s wearing this weekend was born: “It’s a collaboration with the artist Gianpiero D’Alessandro, who has a brand with Justin Bieber and others. In my opinion, he is a fantastic person.” We met at the ranch and I immediately asked him to invent something together. The helmet is just the beginning of our cooperation, other things will come out later. But I really like it and I’m very happy,” he concluded.

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Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team helmet

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team helmet

Photo: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

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