Bagnay bear looks like Justin Bieber, singer of Bez

MISANO – Fashion and the future, music and traditions, emotions and the past. There MotoGP in Misano you get all this into your head on Saturday Grand Prix of San Marinofollowing the long trail invented Valentino Rossialso dedicated to helmets and special liveries. Pecco Bagnaia becomes “Werebear”, partly also telling the world that he is the new king Ducati after “Were-Kangaroo” Casey Stoner. But above all, the native of Turin confirms his interest in parallel worlds, something like Lewis Hamilton.

For the blue occasion, Pecco placed a very bold pink teddy bear on his helmet, the result of a customization of the helmet. InBetwiners, NFTs designed by Neapolitan artists Gianpiero D’Alessandro AND Pasquale D’Avino. Within a year, it was also an economic phenomenon (earnings of $20 million from its debut) that cast a spell on Justin Bieberbecoming a clothing line in collaboration with bloodhoundAND Dolce Gabbana.

Marco Bezzecchi instead, he reaffirms his nature as… a collection. Thus, on his Romagna Riviera he chose a helmet on which he is depicted as a singer with the title “Simply Without”, a nickname coined Guido Meda. On the back of his neck are three made-up song titles with durations corresponding to the times of his three top class poles.

Luca Marinicomrade in VR46 and brother Valentino, he relied instead on Aldo Drudi (Historical designer Rossi, who also prepared the helmet for Enea Bastianini, unfortunately wounded) for a colorful helmet with many seahorses. Simple but effective. It’s truly pickled and perfect for a real summer leftover.

Emotions and the past instead of a team Gresiniat the center of sensational market negotiations with Mark Marquez. Brother Alex AND Fabio Di Giannantonio they took to the track in blue and white overalls and on motorcycles with a tricolor stripe. Historical livery Italy national team what is late Fausto Gresini led to success as a pilot.

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